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    interesting stuff, such as the story of Prince Randian

    Prince Randian, whose real name has been lost to history, was born in Demarara, British Guyana, in 1871, the child of British Indian slaves. Little is known about his early life or how he was discovered, but it seems his incredible adaptability did not go unnoticed. He was brought to the United States in the 1890s to appear in freak shows, where he demonstrated the ease and facility with which he could shave, write, paint, and roll cigarettes - all without arms or legs. He was even fairly efficient at moving from place to place, wriggling his hips and shoulders in a snakelike motion. Randian is said to have been a skilled carpenter. The box in which he kept his smoking materials was built by Randian himself, using his mouth and shoulders to manipulate his tools, and he often joked that he would someday build his own house.
    Randian was a clever and quick witted man who could speak English, German and French in addition to Hindi, his native language. He married early in life to a Hindu woman known only as Princess Sarah, who remained devoted to him throughout his long show career. The couple had four children together and the family eventually settled in Patterson, New Jersey.

    Randian died of a heart attack on December 19, 1934. He was 62.
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