Photek "The Seven Samurai" Remix - was it just a dream?


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Mar 26, 2012
Hi Everyone-

I've been haunted by a Photek remix of "The Seven Samurai" that I thought I had in my MP3 collection, and I can't find it anywhere. It's the original version of the song, but with samples from a kung-fu movie incorporated into it. I thought that it was on the original album (which I bought in 98 and have since lost...), but in the research I've done, it seems there are only two versions of the song on the original album. Was I just dreaming? is it not available because of some copyright now? Am I crazy?

Any help would be great.

As a pretty big Photek fan I can say that I've only heard of the original and the Photek remix. Both were on Form & Function.

Are you sure you're not getting confused with Ni Ten Ichi Ryu?
hi Neddez

No it's definitely seven samurai.

this is really driving me mad. I can practically recite the whole dialogue sampled on top of the track. It's definitely the original version of the song used for it and it's done Wu-Tang style, wth crashing swords etc. It's pretty dope and I'm bummed I can't locate it. If I do I will def hook you up. Also wondering if it's a remix that's on someone else's album.
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