Photek - Say It / One Nation (PRO006) The lost prototype records release 1997


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I have been looking for this record ever since i started collecting vinyl. Only test presses were made and all sent to select djs with no proper release. people reckon that there were only around 25 of these made.

One of the most valuable pieces of jungle wax about (along with Atmospherical Jubilancy). Photek at his peak in 1997

3 days ago some absolute saint who bought the release on discogs posted up WAV files of both sides on the discogs forum.

i just thought everyone should know.

if anyone with a discogs account would like to thank him, heres the thread.

im also thinking about doing a short run press of this record with proper mastering so if anyone is interested please get in contact.


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I remember the flip to one nation from Bukem on the radio and being blown away. I knew the samples from FSOL which I gather was the the reason it never came to light. One of the best tracks never to be released that i have always wanted. so I thank you, and the generous owner for sharing.

Bless you both for enternity. absolute gold.


Crickey. i forgot used the same sample for my first ever track. It's awful to be honest, but was just a sketch track i made from a cheap sequencer that could import wav files. Not sure if i still have a copy, if anything it'll be on a stored tape somewhere.
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