Phony & Danny Power-Deception / Phony & Lean-Lowrider:OUT NOW ON MELTING POT DIGITAL

the digital revolution is well and truly underway and, as we intend to move with the times at
Melting Pot Records, we proudly present our new digital imprint : The Digital Pot.
You can expect the same brand of cutting edge futuristic funk as our main label,
with music from some of the scene's most exciting producers!

We kick off procedures in a big way with DIGIPOT01:
Phony, Danny Power & Lean are a trio of talented young producers from Guildford in the UK,
we predict big things for them as they show great promise with this release!

Phony & Danny Power - Deception Listen Here
Deception is a prime example of the fine balance between raw and gritty energy combined
with clean and controlled production. A deep atmospheric intro leads to an absolutely filthy rollout,
whilst clever edits and mystical elements maintain a certain edge. Drop it while it's hot!

Phony & Lean - Lowrider Listen Here
From the outset, this one builds steadily into a big dancefloor tune as wicked synthwork,
heavy bass stabs and massive drums take it to the next level. A slice of robotic funk
that is sure to make waves in the club.

You can grab high quality WAVs,MP3s & FLACs at the following online retailers: