Phono Splitting


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May 21, 2007

I've just bought a CDJ, and as I only have one, I want to be able to use it on both channels, depending which turntable I'm mixing it with.

It is an Numark Axis 9, with one phono output.

My mixer is a Numark DM1002 Mk2, which has two line inputs & two phono inputs.

So could I just split the phono cable from the CDJ into two phono cables and put one in each input.

I've looked on the web and can't find a phono splitter, so was wondering whether this is possible, or just wishful thinking.

Cheers, Alexi


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Oct 18, 2004
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Easy as piss, get an rca stereo -> 2x rca stereo splitter or some other combination off Ebay. Really mate, use your head. All you have to do is split a signal.

If you can't find stereo splitters, get some mono ones. Its not like dance music is really stereo.
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