Drum & Bass Philth & Wreckless christen the new AutomAte imprint in style!

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    Philth is addicted to music; it is his breath and his lifeblood. A music teacher by day and DJ/producer by night, a more driven man you will not find. Teamed up with regular cohort Wreckless, there is a very real emotion and a level of human connection that shines through their particular brand of distorted filth & saturated breakbeats.

    Buy here ->
    Beatport - http://btprt.dj/16EnAbN
    Juno - http://bit.ly/ZIwkKO
    TrackItDown - http://bit.ly/14piqZX
    iTunes - http://bit.ly/17Thtk4

    Submarine has already left a trail of destruction in its wake, running deep beneath the surface of a monstrous throbbing body of bass. This stripped-back, essential roller is set to become a firm favourite of the AutomAte catalogue.

    On the flip-side, Who So Ever brings us back to dry land and delivers an altogether more highly-strung vibe. The soaring strings in the intro aim to deceive as we are launched into the battle between synth bass and drum.

    Already chalked up Radio 1 airplay from Friction with additional support from Gremlinz, Phil Hustle, Retraflex and Ben Fawce (Flexout Audio), Facing Jinx, Wreckless, Mota (Inform Records) and many more!

    For more information or a press pack, contact:
    k.taylor.cronshaw@gmail.com / info@automatednb.co.uk