Dubstep Philosophy Dubstep Presents Sam Laxton [PHILDUB001]

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    Philosophy Dubstep Presents Sam Laxton [PHILDUB001]

    While most dubstep these days sounds inspired by drum n bass and dubstep itself, Sam Laxton gets inspiration from trance, hardstyle, house, indie rock and pop.
    His eclectic and melodic approach to dubstep comes as no suprise when you know that he has been a performer of classical music already since a very young age.
    In this debut release he showcases his unique style. Funky sounds make place for twisted bass rattling the bins while a uplifting plethora of melodies crash down
    on the crowd like cinderblocks falling from the sky.
    His effortless mix of trance, complextro, dubstep and ambient will suprise you and show you a different side of the music of 2012. Heads up: Sam Laxton's remix of
    “Modigs – Love affair” will now feature on the flipside of Modigs his coming release due to popular demand!

    Thank you for all the worldwide support we have been getting with this release!


    Label: Philosophy Recordings
    Cat. No.: PHILDUB001
    Release date: 2012-05-14

    Listen here:

    Sam Laxton - Infiltrate

    Sam Laxton - I'm number 2

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