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    [Weekly News letter Monday November 24th 2003]

    [right off the bat]

    big ups to skater & deondre who received their tasty kakes from last
    contest. be sure to check it out tonight so u can get your very own box
    tastykake candy kakes :)

    [phillyelement] 10pm EST tonight

    It has been a while since i have played some old skool, so tonight i
    thought i would give you all a treat and go digging for some tunes that
    have not been played in a long time on the show. Definately be sure to
    check it out @ 10pm EST or for the midwest folk 9pm CST... oh yeah i
    also be playing the absolute very best of todays hits and some little
    here n there.

    [show info]

    The Philly Element can be heard on every Monday night
    10pm EST we have live webcam during the show please logonto and click on live tv to watch us.

    [website updates]

    no updates to the site have been done for a long
    time.. we are sorry for any delay and also we are REALLY sorry about
    archives of the shows.. once we get things sorted and when we actually
    have time we will try and get some of the previous weeks shows uploaded
    for your listening pleasure.

    [doodmonkey radio] updates & news

    doodmonkey is an affiliation of philly element, the site offers you
    online radio with a hip hop stream & drum n bass stream along with
    and photo galleries... please go sign up and register on our forums if
    already havent... log onto so check it
    out and have some fun with it...

    thank you for your time pE promotion kru :banana: