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    First off i wanna say "MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE !!! "
    All i gotta say is this Christmas is magical and what better way to be
    even more magical with the Philly Element. Many thanks goes out to Vince &
    Bjorn of Motion Theory for the awesome set last week.. that mix is gonna
    be uploaded shortly to the site and it will be there for those who missed

    Sorry for the lack of website updates, we are trying our hardest to keep
    things up to date and sorted. Our infamous online director doodmonkey is
    sorting out some issues right now and will have a way that you guys can
    download and stream the mixes from with no more
    problems. What better way than to do it for free.. yeah this coming week
    im gonna try and convince our doodmonkey man to let the servers open so
    you guys can download as much of the Philly Element archives as u want on

    [Tonights show]

    Tonight its gonna be the same as usual with a couple surprises and some
    new tunes from the record store. Be sure to check it out with your hosts
    dj tags and fawkinfabulous at 10 pm on, and of course
    visuals provided by

    [some updates and things not to forget]

    Please take note that just cause its the internet things are not free,
    bassdrive needs all the help you can give them if you want to donate to
    bassdrive please logonto click on donate tab, or you can
    just logonto and send money to Also do
    not forget to check out our new message board and radio station on the station features full streaming hip
    hop and drum and bass channels with various speeds. and we also have some
    nice holiday / winter cloting at our online cafe shop u can easily access
    that site by going to

    peace out and c u tonight @ ten pm EST

    PE___PROMOTION___KRU :2thumbs:
    (because we care)
    any questions or comments please email

    we love negative comments