[philly element] 12/1/03 [turkey edition]

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    [philly element] news letter for week of december 1st 2003

    Hey everyone Happy Thanksgiving to all of you !!!!

    so... u wanna know whats up for tonights show ? well its gonna be a real
    smasher, i feel really good today, and i got some new stuff from the
    streetbeats kru and some other tasty bits at the record store. i was
    almost gonna cancel the show tonight due to lack of inspiration and many
    other things... but the fucken soldier that i am keeps me coming correct
    week in a week out... atleast i try u know

    [info for show] times etc.

    show time: 10:00pm EST
    audio: www.bassdrive.com
    video: www.drumandbasstv.com (click live tv)
    interact aol instant messenger: philly element

    thanks to everyone who keeps it real, and be sure to check out our live
    dnbtv sponsored webcam and do not be afraid to interact on our forums by
    logging onto www.floridadnb.com http://music.doodmonkeyradio.com or

    thanks again everyone for ur time, see u all tonight
    p:e promotion kru