Phil Tangent - Knowledge Magazine Guest Mix


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Mar 20, 2008
Karpay & Harpah - Winter Whale: Dub
Paul SG & Jay Rome - Tenston Mills: Digital Blus
Alix Perez & Sabre - Old Flame: SGN:LTD
Phil Tangent - Complicated Woman: Seizeonsound Dub
Electrosoul System - To My Galaxy (Makoto remix): Kos.Mos.Music
Stunna & Kharm - Ordinary People: Bassdrive Tunes
Calibre - Mr. Maverick: Signature
Dan Marshall - Smoke & Mirrors (Random Movement remix): Bassdrive Tunes
DKay - Serenade: Brigand
Will South & Centrik - Romance: Unsigned dub
Specific - Tell Me (Zero T remix): Phunkfiction
Yorke - Through The Ages: Unsigned Dub
DKay & Rawfull - Be There 4 U (Dyland & Robyn Chaos remix): Freak Recordings
Phil Tangent - Pleasure Trip: Forthcoming Influence Records "Conduit LP"
Eveson - Fantasize: Integral
Phil Tangent - Remembering: Seizeonsound Dub
Phil Tangent - Lunar: Soul:R
Phil Tangent - Restitution: Dub
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