Phase Us Remix ☆ ♔ D J ♤ B C 9 ♔ ☆



London Elektricity has been my favorite drum and bass artist since the first album syncopated city featuring elsa esmerelda on vocals. Tony Colman, the CEO and pioneer behind hospital records started a movement in 1996 that has been a landing pad for some of the greatest drum and bass artists today. not to mention med school and their latest label, offering a home for many up and coming progressive drum and bass artists. in 2012, as i was an emerging drum and bass artist, i suffered two strokes and a brain aneurism, losing complete use of my arms and hands and for six months, not knowing if i would ever be able to produce or perform music again. at that time i wrote an email to tony expressing just how much London Electricity had been the soundtrack of my life, and the release at the time, yikes!, featuring the song electricity will keep us warm, with vocals by Elsa Esmerelda gave me so much hope and solace and served as my mantra during that incredibly challenging and difficult time in my life. how funny things are when they come full circle…at that time in my life, it was the drum and bass artists from the uk and us that followed me online that kept me alive. i was also reunited at that time with my former friend and current fiancee Xtene, who is featured in this video. with the release of are we there yet?, i was once again beside myself with gratitude for this album and was amazed by tony once again raising the bar by bringing in Emer Dineen on vocals. the song phase us touched me so deeply that i knew i had to remix it. tony was kind enough to make available the stems for the entire album. i contacted tony via email, asked permission to remix the track, and always being available, he returned my email within one day with a reply encouraging me to go forward. his only request was that i contact him so he could hear it himself. to say i am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to take only Emen’s vocal track and rewrite the song from the floor up would be an understatement…to have her voice in the studio with me gave me an emotional connection to the song that no words can describe.martin aka marvin of SoRealSounds of London, England handled the mastering. today is my birthday. i am 48. wow, what a great day. thanks again to all my followers, friends, and family…and especially to you, Tony. cheers. ☆ DJ☉BC