Phaeleh - Fire ft Ngaio / Isolate STNSN001


A. Fire
B. Isolate
(Surface Tension)

in @ Chemical, Boomkat, Uptown,
Red Eye, Juno,
Triple Vision, BM-Soho,
Breakbeat Science,
Suburban Trash, Hard To Find and Drop

Bristol producer and Urban Scrumping label head Phaeleh graces the first Surface Tension vinyl release with enough melody, flavor and sub-bass for everyone.

Starting off the A side with "Fire", vocalist Ngaio throws down some soulful vocals over a dancefloor-smashing bassline that envelops you in sonic warmth and seismic wub. Ostensibly halfstep beats are given momentum by the bassline and the cut up breaks underpinning it all. You will be singing this one to yourself for WEEKS. Promise.

Flip it over for "Isolate", a more chilled tune with melodic string bits and ambient vocals washing over solid bass drops. Spacious sounds and textures meld together for a decidedly melodic and musical take on the dubstep sound.

"Phaeleh's music - and I use the word "music" purposefully, not "beats" or "tunes" - is quite really some of the best unsigned stuff I've heard this year." - Christine Vaccine (Hotflush)
" 'Fire' went over BIG [at Sub Swara]. Pretty much the tune that turned the night into a party." - Sharmaji (Sub Swara / Soul Motive)
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Available on 12" Vinyl NOW!!!@Any shop with a quality Dubstep buyer.
Available on Digital Wav/mp3/flac Mar 23rd 2009@Any shop with a quality Dubstep rack.