Phace Q&A (25th Oct) + Noisia collab


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Hey all,

I hope this won't be flagged as shameless advertising. I help out on the Amon Tobin forums and thought that here would be a good place to make this post, as I figured that a lot of you would be interested in Phace (and perhaps AT, though he's not exactly dnb). Apologies if I offend, but I think it's innocent enough!

Phace is Amon Tobin's featured artist for October, and he's agreed to answer questions that fans post on AT's forums. There's a thread put up here:
You've got until the 25th of October to come up with a Q, then Phace will answer it in that thread.

One of the nice things about the featured artist part of AT's site is that the artist puts out some exclusive material. So this month, it's an advance listen of Phace's new collaboration with Noisia, entitled 'Stagger'. Go here to listen:

For those unfamiliar with Phace (few and far between on these boards, I expect), here's a little PR on him:

Phace is a German Drum & Bass Producer and DJ renowned for his unique sound imbued with deep cinematic flourishes, explosive energy, and an analog touch. He has performed and collaborated with numerous celebrated artists within the international DnB / breakbeat scene, and has performed at numerous clubs and festivals around the world over the last 7 years. In 2008, he launched the Neosignal label with Misanthrop, and hasn't slowed down one bit. Along with being voted as ‘Best National Drum & Bass Producer and DJ’ in 2006 and ‘Best National Producer’ in 2009 at Germany’s Future Music Awards, Phace has clearly proven what he's capable of behind the boards and on the decks.
Also if you want to check out stuff by previous featured artists such as Broken Note, Noisia, Starkey and Eskmo, that's all available at the Featured Artist section of Amon Tobin's website.