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Aug 28, 2008
We are happy and proud to officially announce our new platform and label entitled NEOSIGNAL. You can find all the details on the project in the official Press Release below. A huge thanks goes out to all the ones helping us out to finally getting this started, you know who you are. Cheers!
Phace & Misanthrop



A new dawn, a new signal – straight out of Germany’s metropolises rises a new soul and hybrid of tomorrow’s music. After years of sonic dedication Phace and Misanthrop have successfully proven their international role and status as the next sounds innovators and join forces to unleash their very own musical outlet – NEOSIGNAL.

Since Florian Harres, Nicolas Ruoff and Michael Bräuninger started to put their dauntless stamp on the evolution of deeper Drum & Bass from their solo careers, they have simultaneously found themselves warped to the forefront of the scene. A broad list of releases on the genre’s most prestigious labels such as Subtitles Music, Vision, Virus, Renegade Hardware, Cyanide Recordings and Shadow Law plus worldwide appearances on the scene’s major events and a general consensus in musical aspects led to the joint venture of the three longtime friends. With the elementary attitude to create a fresh and technically precise sound they aim to deliver quality but not quantity. Against the general flow of an often purely medial and materialistic driven world NEOSIGNAL tries to break through the borders of stereotypical conventions to cultivate a ground for a new breed of sound. NEOSIGNAL does not care about genres and restrictions, it cares about timeless characteristics, whether it feels dance floor orientated or not. With the support of the scene’s finest artists NEOSIGNAL stands up for pushing the limits, both sonically and visionary.

Noisia’s words on Neosignal: “We are really excited to finally see the mighty Phace and Misanthrop machine set free upon the world. Set free because Neosignal means no more compromise, nobody to answer to - a product, a brand which is theirs from start to finish - autonomy.Time to push boundaries!”


_NEOSIGNAL 001 – Catalogue No. NSGNL001

NEOSIGNAL’s highly anticipated first release, contributed by PHACE and entitled Cold Champagne, is backed with a dirty as hell trip named Astral Projection and is due to land in November. After the successful Psycho Album period, a creative break, and a move of studio: the boys are back on track to launch phase 2 of their musical journey. Both tracks have already received massive response and airplay in the scene and set the first benchmark of the NEOSIGNAL sound.

Ed Rush’s words on Cold Champagne: “Funked out rolling badness from phace. This track is gonna be in my box for a long while to come. It’s the perfect combination of a deep, nasty, dancefloor killer Timeless!”

Teebee’s words on Neosignal 001: “In his debut release for Neosignal Phace delivers another top of the range 12"! Cold Champagne is a lush, riff laden future funk track that’s been a firm favourite with me for months! He grimes it up on the flip side in trademark style with the menacing Astral Projection… A great start to what promises to be a great labell!”

Noisia’s words on Cold Champagne: “Probably my favourite track by phace evar. A very untypical phace track one might say, cause its so riff-driven and progresses in a more subtle and dosed way than most genre counterparts. It does things I’ve never heard a Phace tune do before, and yet still - it's undeniably Phace. But the most important reason why it's such a standout tune is because it's got so much heart, so much more than most current 'techy' d&b. It's like hearing music you’ve been wanting to hear for a long time, leaving you wondering, why aren’t there more tracks like this? And the answer is simple; because magic like this doesn’t happen often.”

Spor’s words on Cold Champagne: “Neosignal's first release brings the long awaited 'cold champagne' - rollers don't come much slicker than this - Phace bring the phunk with style once again, killer every time, and sick to mix...Massive support from the Lifted Camp!”

Black Sun Empire’s words on Cold Champagne:” The fast moving arpeggios combined with the beautiful pads make this one of the most gripping and melodic pieces of music ever to be produced by Phace. It doesn't lose the more usual elements though, a surgically perfected beat and a bass thick enough play football professionally. A great track to kick-start the new label, impressive!”

Mayhem’s words on Cold Champagne: “Cold Champagne brings back the Phace funk from yesteryears. A resurrected cut from their earlier days gets a face lift and delivers a tight blend of old Phace with the new. Deep, driving, and introspective A must for any DJ's box who's willing to dig deeper.”

Noisia’s words on Astral Projection: “This is Phace doing what they do best. Stomping, driving, twisting, turning, appealing to that part of your brain that only Phace seem to know how to get to. Serious. For me the best part about this tune is the fantastic switch from the brilliantly unusual levitating pad solo into a relentless, persuasive groove that manages to breathe as much as it kicks.And so the bar is set higher once again.”

_NEOSIGNAL 002 – Catalogue No. NSGNL002

The label’s second installment is delivered by no other than the mastermind Misanthrop himself. The huge sounding Black Rain and the minimalistic, funked out Moon Cloud on the flip bring right what you expect – raw to the floor stabbing grooves, state of the art sound design, and timeless atmosphere. It proves to be more of a dignified continuation of the NEOSIGNAL launch but outstanding and scrupulous sound that is set to find itself in the play lists of the tops. More info on this to come soon – watch this space!

Ed Rush’s words on Black Rain:"I wish we had taken it off of misanthrop for virus…."

Mayhem’ words on Black Rain:"One of the best tunes I've heard all year. Heavy twisted tech funk with a slice of soul. A must have!”

Noisia’s words on Black Rain: "It’s been a while since I've heard a tune based on the worm break that was done so well. This tune really does it for me. Surely one of my favourites of 2008."





We will be attending the label launch with worldwide tours, please get in touch with our agents if you are interested in setting up a NEOSIGNAL show.

For Europe / North & South America:

TEL: + 44(0)7949 319 721 - AIM: ANGERFREAKS

Through Grass Roots Artists Management UK
TEL: + 44(0)7766 685 921 - AIM: GRASSROOTSARTIST

For Australasia:



Triple Vision Record Distribution
EMAIL: - TEL: + 31 (0)10 4366433



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like the haircuts, someone might wanna tell logikz about them, i know he's in the market for a new look.

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