Pez, 3 decks, 100% vinyl, 100% stoned.


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Jan 28, 2007
let me know if u like it, 100% vinyl, altho havent bought much recently as im savin to go to china & italy soon,

runtime 45 mins

recorded it on sunday night, i would have carried on but i realised i was missing top gear so i bailed!

Fresh - Signal
DC Breaks - Taken
Ant Miles & Boneshaker - Hustler
>>Icicle - Frankly Mountain
Hive, Keaton... - Standing room only
L Plus - Middle east sun
>>Spy - Seeing through shadows
Culture Shock - Imax
Brookes Brothers - Tear you down
Ladies Night VIP
>>Xample - Infamous
Push it up (tc remix)
>>Sound in motion
Jaydan - Pull up
Prolix - Twisted angel
Spor - Stop it
Icicle - Spartan
Pacman (Upbeats remix)
Dirty Phonics - French fuck
>>Andy C - Body rock
Noisia - Diplodocus
Zen - Hovercraft
Sub Focus - Timewarp
>>Hazard & Distorted Minds - Ho bass
Culture Shock - Kronix
>>Jenna G - In love
Die - Slow Burn
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