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Jan 30, 2008
PEYO - Influenza Media / Good Looking / Blu Saphir / Vandal Records / Bingo Beats


Here we are with a new interview with Peyo,hailing from Toulouse, France .

With his releases Good Looking, Blu Saphir, Bingo Beats, Vandal Records and with his 2 releases on Influenza (INMD003 with "Without You") coming up end of January 2009 and (INMD004 with "Do You Remember")
so we tought it's time to get him up for some questions + an exclusive podcastmix.

Hey Peyo and thanks for doing this interview with us.

Thanks to invite me.

So,tell us who you are and where ur from exactly?And as a big fan of french cheese,do u like cheese?

My real name is Peyo Almonecil, i come from Toulouse in ouest south of France and like a good french, i like cheese & wine.

When and how was the first real contact with music? Any musical background before you started producing?

I started mixing back in 1995 after a trip in England, where i discovered d&b while i was listening to the London's Radios.
I used to be part of the famous drum & bass crew, The Dragon Kru with Lutin, Brooxs, Kush, Youthman etc ... .

I created my own radio show on independent radio station FMR with Redeyes and preformed several gigs all around France with big names like Andy C, Bryan G, Digital, Loxy, Marcus Intalex, Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith, Jenna G, Stamina etc ... .

We hearing a lot from you and your projects this year.tell us a bit what u've been up to the past months and what more we can expect from you?

I will do what i do best, make more tracks in solo and collabs.

To which labels exactly can we expect some future releases on?

Of course Influenza Media with "Without You", "Do You Remember" and on digital "All I Need" and a track made with Grimm intituled "The One For Me" will be out soon on Santorin.

Heared some nice stuff already with Grimm but it doesn't really sounds like the tracks we use to hear till this point.Any word on that or is it still one big secret?

No, it isn't a secret, we work on several tracks cause we trying to do something more dark than made by us until now and perhaps more dancefloor, many people requires that.

So,how does the productionstudio looks like and what do you use to produce the tunage?

I use to produce the original soundcard from powerbookG4 12" with Reason & Logic connected on monitors speaker Yamaha MSP5, simple and funny.

Except producing your also a dj?Did producing your own beats influenced the tunes your playing on gigs the past years?

No, cause i'm playing all style, i find good things in all style. It's depends where i play, a bar, a club, i try to adapt me to the gig.

Can we get a current top 10 from you?

01 Calibre "U Could Dance"
02 Enei "Brick"
03 Nu Tone & Logistics "Trademark"
04 Random Movement "Back in my Life
05 Peyo & Grimm "The One For Me"
06 Peyo & Grimm "Mind Confusion"
07 RedEyes "Luv & Haight" feat. Deeizm (Matrix Remix)
08 Atmospherix & Eros "Brother"
09 Q-project "Credit Crunch"
10 Sutone "Lucidity"

And some last words for the fans?

Thanks to all people support my music and keep me to do what i like.

thanks Peyo for this interview and keep up the good work!
We're expecting more goodies the coming months!



01 Mutt - Redness :: Influenza Media
02 Lynx - East & East :: Brand Nu
03 RedEyes - Behind the Sun :: dub
04 Peyo - All I Need :: Influenza Media dub
05 London Elektricity - Bare Religion :: Hospital
06 Peyo - Eden Log :: dub
07 Apex - The Yearning VIP - Horizons
08 Chase & Status - Streetlife feat Takura :: Ram
09 St Files - Moods :: Soul:R
10 Spectrasoul - Alibi :: Critical
11 Enei - Brick :: Blu Saphir dub
12 Calibre - U Could Dance :: Signature
13 Nu Tone & Logistics - Trademark - Hospital
14 Zyon Base - Simple man :: Shogun Ltd
15 Peyo & Grimm - The One For Me :: Santorin dub
16 Logistics - Cosmonaut :: Hospital
17 Bachelors Of Science - String Track (Apex rmx) :: Horizons
18 Stanton Warriors - Steel Here (Baron rmx) :: Punks
19 Salamandra - So Beautiful :: Solé
20 Metrik - Movin On :: Viper
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