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Nov 28, 2008
Available in Stores April 08 2009


"Omega" - Staggering the line for intelligent and Nuskool Breakbeat is exactly what this mix does with ease. Popping, shifting, cutting, and pumping is the name of the game here. Over the infectious beat runs a wicked stab with an attack and release that is ill. It flows naturally to the breakdown, which adds undeniable beauty in the melody and street level in the Nuskool bass. Complete future funk fabrications!!

Remixes by:

Mat Oakey
Wesley Gauthier and Eddie Santini
FT. Vocal's by Jena Dillman

Available in Stores April 08 2009

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Pete Houle

For Pete Houle music is not only an escape, but also a way of life. Pete was brought up around music, making it an important part of his life early on. Pete started his passion for music at a young age, taking lessons in piano, guitar and various percussion instruments, the foremost of these; the bongos. Through the deep tribal connection with the bongo, Pete found a love for tribal sound and deep base. Pete eventually transformed his love for the tribal baselines to ultimately become PH-Balance his DJ pseudonym in early 1995. Shortly thereafter an official addiction to producing and crafting electronic sounds and beats developed for Pete, as he launched his now 13 year-old professional career.

The early days of Pete’s career consisted mostly of residencies within Canada’s premier and often still recognizable nightclubs and after-hour venues. Pete found himself playing regular gigs south of the border, in a pioneering time in the landscape of electronic arts in the very influential city of Detroit. Since moving to the cross-border city of Windsor, Ontario Pete established himself as a local pioneer within Windsor’s electronic music culture. After many years of the club lifestyle, Pete decided to turn inward to reconnect with his roots and again work on his core being; producing tribal, energetic electronic grooves and music.

As a producer Pete Houle has cut himself a more mature sound, derived from his initial roots fused with those of his surroundings in the Canadian progressive movement and Detroit’s techno. Pete has since released titles on numerous labels and has licensed his work for remix by some of North America’s best DJ’s. Pete’s open mind and desire for new sound, for new twists to old tricks and mostly for best all around end product; have kept Pete searching and working to master his lifelong pursuit, the progression of music.
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