Peshay - Strawberry ?


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May 11, 2003
There was a white label doing the rounds in about 1995/6 . I'm pretty sure it was by Peshay and and was called Strawberry , mabey strawberry e.p and it may of even had a red strawberry stamp on the white. I dont think it got a full release.

I heard it on the Late night hour with Matt Thompson on Kiss 102 when he used to play all sorts of new/experimental stuff and realised I had nearly bought it in Piccadilly records - Manchester that week . When I went back to get it it had sold out and every other shop had also :(

I remember it being a quiet minimal dnb tune but had one of the best beats I had heard.

Has anyone heard of this or anything similar as I'm hoping to get it at last with the help of the net :)


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