Perkussiv Music: Pyro - Restless EP [PERK-DNB005] OUT NOW!

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    Perkussiv Music: Pyro - Restless EP [PERK-DNB005] OUT NOW!


    We proudly announce our fifth release:

    Pyro - Restless EP

    A. Pyro - Restless
    B. Pyro - Restless (Amex RMX)
    C. Pyro - Restless (Histibe RMX)
    D. Pyro - Restless (Katharsys RMX)

    With this release we welcome three new well-known artists: Pyro, Histibe and Katharsys.
    This EP is the first release with Original Restless including three remixes. We hope this concept
    is serving our fan's taste and we wanna stick to and extend that concept in future.
    Pyro comes with his original "Restless" which amazingly shows Pyro's popular non-filtered style. It is just
    Pyro, straight and rolling and smashing without any compromise. On the B side Amex manages to pick up
    the most decisive lead sounds and morphed them into a heavy straight-forward dry techno-dnb remix. As the
    EP wants to show various aspects of technoid drum and bass Histibe perfectly reduces his interpretation
    to the max. With alot of space and atmosphere, playing with room and time, he does not forget the dancefloor.
    As final banger Katharsys' remix speaks for itself: Destroying, punching and exploding.
    All in all our aim was to reach everyone's taste by collecting artists with different styles...
    We are very proud to present you this EP and we hope to serve your taste with this fifth release!

    A Pyro - Restless
    B Pyro - Restless (Amex RMX)
    C Pyro - Restless (Histibe RMX)
    D Pyro - Restless (Katharsys RMX)

    In order to serve the best quality all our releases
    are professionally mastered by Subvert Central Mastering:

    Since August we are supported by Symphonic Distribution which is delievering our releases to the most important shops.
    A short extract can be found below:



    The next release can be expected in September 2010. It will be an EP by Pylon and Gancher. Pylon will come along with
    two solotunes, namely Pirx and Kilecki which should have already got a listen by some of you, furthermore a collaboration
    between Pylon and Gancher and finally one solo tune by Gancher himself. Expect pure techno-dnb without any compromise!
    Clips shall be online via our social networks during the next couple of weeks!



    We want to remind you that our second podcast available by Pyro is still online. Grab it here by clicking on the image:


    In order to complete Pyro's promotion chapter with his release we give away another atmo tool called Broken Scanner and take the chance
    to start our subseries "PERK-TO-GO" which means we give a away free tunes once in a while. Grab it here:

    Pyro's other atmospheric tool "Residue" is still available as well:




    Feedback, love, critics always welcome which is essential for us to devlop.