Label Perkussiv Music: Pylon + Gancher - Klekotek EP [PERK-DNB006] OUT NOW!


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Perkussiv Music: Pylon + Gancher - Klekotek EP [PERK-DNB006] OUT NOW!

We proudly announce our sixth release:

Pylon + Gancher - Klekotek EP


A. Pylon - Kielecki
B. Gancher + Pylon - Sagtry
C. Pylon - Pirx
D. Gancher - Kvas

We very welcome Pylon and Gancher with their common
startup-release via a massive Techno-DnB EP.
On the A side Pylon shows his uncompromising style:
acid lead lines combined with a heavy bassdriven beat
blow your head away. Futhermore Sagtry is a collaboration
tune between Gancher and Pylon which perfectly shapes a
symbiosis of both artist's styles: never forgetting
to smash the dancefloor.
With Pirx, Pylon goes a more minimalistic, but still
straight-forward way, as well peppered with acid
lines. Again he shows his outstanding talent here.
As the final smasher Kvas by Gancher just destroys
everything on the way of basswar.
We hope to serve your taste with this sixth release!

A Pylon - Kielecki
B Gancher + Pylon - Sagtry
C Pylon - Pirx
D Gancher - Kvas

Get your copy of this EP here
(short extract, for more shops please click on the Symphonic banner):



As next release Histibe, who already had his debut with his remix
on Pyro's Restless [PERK-DNB005] last month, he will have a pure
solo tunes EP which will, as expected, take you on an extra-special
journey. Clips of audio will be online as soon as the masters
arrive which should be in the next two weeks.




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