Perkussiv Music: Histibe EP & Proton Kid EP & more update!


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Perkussiv Music: Histibe EP & Proton Kid EP & more update!

As first news we proudly announce the seventh release by Histibe.

Histibe: Too far gone EP

A. Histibe - Too far
B. Histibe - Hadoop and clouds of dust
C. Histibe - Full house with RiRi
D. Histibe - In parallel

Histibe had already his debut on Perkussiv Music via his remix on Pyro's Restless and
we thought it is the time to serve you the original sounding Histibe in a full Solo-EP.
He takes you on his very special journey telling you his very own story of drum and bass.
He achieves being very unique without losing the focus on straight-forward, danceable
music. 'Hadoob and clouds of dust' e.g. is pure minimilastic, subtle destroying material
which you have to love. We thank Histibe for his overwhelming EP and are proud counting him
to our core artist roster!

Histibe - Too far gone EP

Second news is Proton Kid's debut EP as eigth dnb-release on Perkussiv Music:

Proton Kid - The Motrik EP

A. Proton Kid - Motrik
B. Proton Kid - Probe Bot
C. The Sect - Stranger (Proton Kid RMX)
D. Amex - Steeel (Proton Kid RMX)

This massive EP by Proton Kid perfectly shows his diverse talent. With Motrik and Probe Bot he
fundamentally reflects his very unique fast-forwarding style. Both remixes are heavy monsters:
on the one hand the Stranger RMX shows his talent picking up the very basic ideas and transforming
them into Proton Kid's style. On the other hand his remix on Amex' Steeel is pure madness and also
perfectly demonstrate his overwhelming talents.

Proton Kid - Motrik EP

Last release news is our debut Techno-release. We already announced going into two directions, both DnB and
Techno and finally we make facts by releasing this outstanding three-tune EP by Amex.


A. Amex - ETC-PP
B. Amex - ETC-PP (Dandi + Ugo RMX)
C. Amex - ETC-PP (Microcheep + Mollo RMX)

Initially deriving from DnB, Amex already had Techno releases on massive italian label imprint
'Italo Business' and now finally having his debut Techno release on his own label, getting well-known
Dandi + Ugo from Italo Business and Microcheep + Mollo on board. ETC-PP is about very solid and
straight-forward Techno and definately implements Amex' very unique style, as known in his DnB
tunes. Dandi and Ugo are just blasting everything away with their remix. It is just dry and nose-
bleeding Techno, straight on the face. Microcheep and Mollo's remix are the minimalistic way to go
and complete this EP.

Amex - ETC-PP EP

You certainly may notice that all the audio is in full length. Why are we doing this?
It is just the fact, that we want to go the way of leap of faith. If our fans want to
support us, they will buy our music. If you want to steal, you can get it in just one click.
But the very fundamental point is for those who are visiting our soundcloud page, they should
be able to get all our releases in full effect. We will watch this strategy and hope it goes
out well!

Now finally please get your copies here and support us by spending a fairly low amount of your money here:
(short extract, for more shops please click on the Symphonic link):



In January 2011 we will have our high-peak release with The Sect - Turrican and MASSIVE
remixes by Cooh, Katharsys and mighty Optiv. You can prepare yourself being absolutely destroyed!
Techno wise our next release will be Dani Sbert which will explode in a very subtle and minimalistic
Since we will have our first anniversary in February 2011 we will prepare something special,
more announced soon!