Perkussiv Music: Anode EP [PERK-DNB004] OUT NOW!

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    Perkussiv Music: Anode EP [PERK-DNB004] OUT NOW!



    We proudly announce our fourth release: Anode EP

    A. Anode - Xiphoid
    B. Anode - Havonavega
    C. Anode - The Mirror
    D. Anode - Boltype

    Anode should be known from Gravity Zero who comes from Japan. We are very proud to offer this timeless EP.
    Overall Anode achieves to transmit a deep japanese mood with his EP and you can get to know his true love
    to the music. Xiphoid speaks for itself, it has exploded dancefloors with heavy impact. On the one hand
    excellent work on atmosphere and above all on the other hand the tune drives you insane with heavy speedup moments.
    Havonavega is a journey into Japan. With stunning riffs, lead sounds and strings the focus on the floor is still
    present. The Mirror on side C connects to Havonavega and continues brilliantly your travel. Boltype is a perfect
    outro out of the journey.
    Again, we are very proud to present you this EP and we hope to serve your taste with our fourth release!

    A Anode - Xiphoid
    B Anode - Havonavega
    C Anode - The Mirror
    D Anode - Boltype

    In order to serve the best quality all our releases
    are professionally mastered by Subvert Central Mastering:


    Finally please purchase this release by clicking on your favourite shop:






    Our next release will be by well known Pyro from Denmark. Expect some huge vibes as usual.
    The release can be expected mid of July 2010. In order to do perfect promotion for Mr. Pyro and his release
    we have uploaded an atmospheric tool on our soundcloud for free download to everyone. This tool should
    introduce you in the world of the next release. Grab it here by clicking on the image:


    Furthermore right on time Pyro will have done our second podcast which should be out right before his release.
    Watch our Soundcloud space! Nevertheless we will announce it seperately when it is done.




    Feedback, love, critics always welcome which is essential for us to devlop.