Perkussiv Music: Amex/Skynet EP [PERK-DNB003] OUT NOW!

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    We proudly announce our third release: Amex and Skynet EP

    A. Amex - Telos
    B. Amex - Telos (Skynet RMX)
    C. Amex - Trademark Mirror
    D. Amex - Steeel

    Known as the german pioneer for Techno-DNB, Amex shows in this EP his deep love for dancefloor orientated music.
    With Telos on the A side he provides evidence that dry and direct music with focus on danceability is all to get on point.
    Legendary Skynet comes with a remix of Telos on the B side which is a perfect hybrid of atmospheric Skynet leadsounds and
    pounding beats. Trademark Mirror on the C side is a complete story for itself: Deep vocal pads combined with perkussiv
    elements and very strong focus and the dancefloor, this tune showed heavy impact on floors worldwide.
    Last but not least Steeel exists of a hypnotizing lead sound underlined with tribal beats.
    Once again, we hope to serve your taste with this third release!

    A Amex - Telos
    B Amex - Telos (Skynet RMX)
    C Amex - Trademark Mirror
    D Amex - Steeel

    In order to serve the best quality all our releases
    are professionally mastered by Subvert Central Mastering:


    Finally please purchase this release by clicking on your favourite shop:






    A. Anode - Xihphoid
    B. Anode - Havonavega
    C. Anode - The Mirror
    D. Anode - Boltype

    Anode of Gravity Zero will have his debut on Perkussiv. Be prepared for heavy impact sounds!
    You can get a listen via our preferred social networks:




    Our artist roster expanded both Drum and Bass and Techno. DNB-wise we managed to get multitalent Cooh, Lucio De Rimanez, Forbidden Society
    and again another release of The Sect.
    Maybe some of you know it already we will launch with Techno this year. At the moment we strongly collect
    well known artists like Dandi and Ugo, Piatto, Autistic, Costantino Nappi and Micky Da Funk, Microcheep,
    Ivan Di Blasio and more to come. Details soon to come!

    In order to expand on event management we are in final stages to launch our event series Perkussiv JAM!
    The first JAM will be in Slovakia, others will be in our own clubs in Austria and Switzerland and soon
    in Germany as well. On these event series exclusive Perkussiv artists will represent the label and shaping the brand.
    As well more detailed information will be announced seperately.




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    Feedback, love, critics always welcome which is essential for us to devlop.

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