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for our first birthday mashup we bring you

Knifehandchop’s music is hard to describe because of the huge variety of influences and styles he pulls together, although none of these ever seem out of place in the mix.
Each release is refreshing and different from the last, largely due to the diverse musical elements he uses; ragga, techno, hardcore, hip-hop and electro all make an appearance.
When he plays live, he focuses mostly on the most dancefloor-killing material he has, to try to turn any bar or club into a full-on rave.
In past years knifehandchop became known for his highly illegal sampling techniques but lately he has focused on much more self-composed music which still has it’s sights on dance floors and stereos everywhere.

its his forth time in the toon each gig is better than the last...

support from dressed in wires newcastles answer to kid606

smurf local gabba wizard

and residents dr venkman,leigon and bill (simon billany)

"newcastle is my favorite british city" chop chop

upstairs@foundation 15 nov 6 quid entry