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Be water: crash and flow
Aug 17, 2008
Hey all... So far I have never met anyone in real life who has even heard of DnB.I live in Florida haha.
right now DnB, trance, and rock are all i can listen to, but if DnB were a girl, she'd have to file a restraining order on me :D
neways ive been producing DnB, or trying to, for about 6 months and some of my stuff is on my myspace:
but for some reason it loses sound quality from fl to mspce?
neways every and all advice is welcomed.
Oh yeah... last thing, songs start off worse than they end... so try to listen to them all the way thru.


Keepin the jungle alive
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Feb 7, 2008
eazy pal.
Had a listen to some of your tunes. Got some good ideas going on. Think you need to listen to souly dnb for a while and really get the style and genre lodged in your mind. Listen to how basslines are structured and what makes them catchy. What makes you nod your head and what sounds have an effect on you as a listener.
Dont mean to sound patronising, just saying what i did. ASK ASK ASK mate.
Any probs you come across ask on here. Someone will help you.
good luck fella.
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