Pendulum boo'ed at DnB awards & Valve soundsystem

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Andy C was in the original line up for Pendulum but they kicked him out because he was shit
Pendulum are the power behind all drum n bass without Pendulum there would have been no Champion Sound no Ram Records no Good Looking they are the forefathers we should bow at there greatness.

there wouldn't even be an amen break without pendulum, jungle never would have happened, people wouldn't even have bothered sampling at all. i don't think people would even know how to dance or take drugs and rave their tits off*
No one sang before pendulum. People just spoke in a flat monotone over a 4/4 kick drum. We really do have a lot to thank them for.
The earth was created when Rob Swire asked God to do him a quick favour
First, there was nothing. Then, there was Pendulum; and Pendulum said, Lo! Let there be breaks and huge basslines! And there were, and Pendulum saw that it was good. Then Pendulum made other producers, and promptly shat all over them.

Edit: fucking lol
Drum & Bass listens to Pendulum.
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