Pedophile gets PWNT


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Taken from DOA, classic :rolf:

Perverted Justice Mark: Adrian, 29
Yahoo IM: cuteasiandudepdx
Location: Beaverton, Oregon

This wannabe pedo tried to solicit girliegurl1990, a 14 year old girl... or so they thought!

Meet my new pal Adrian. Adrian is a real peach. He was gracious enough to deliver a piping hot McDonald’s meal directly to my door. When it’s absolutely, positively got to be there overnight… PedEx it.

girliegurl1990 (5:58:49 PM): hi asl
cuteasiandudepdx (5:59:03 PM): 29/m/portland metro
cuteasiandudepdx (5:59:11 PM): you?
girliegurl1990 (6:00:34 PM): 14/f/vancouver
cuteasiandudepdx (6:00:49 PM): was the picture you in your profile?
girliegurl1990 (6:01:25 PM): yes
cuteasiandudepdx (6:01:58 PM): you looked older than 14 in that picture. i would have thought that you were 19 or 20
girliegurl1990 (6:02:19 PM): thanks
girliegurl1990 (6:02:21 PM):
cuteasiandudepdx (6:03:06 PM): that is not a bad comment i usually don't find a 14 years old girl sexy (Why am I having such trouble believing that?)
girliegurl1990 (6:03:23 PM): hehe
girliegurl1990 (6:03:26 PM): thank u
cuteasiandudepdx (6:03:42 PM): do you chat online a lot?
girliegurl1990 (6:03:58 PM): yes everyday
cuteasiandudepdx (6:04:24 PM): what do like to do for fun?
girliegurl1990 (6:06:06 PM): i like to drink
cuteasiandudepdx (6:06:31 PM): really? have a buddy help you out?
girliegurl1990 (6:07:50 PM): u shuold by me some beer
cuteasiandudepdx (6:08:26 PM): yeah that's right are you going to get me in trouble?
girliegurl1990 (6:08:47 PM): dood dont u kjnow if i got u in trouble i wuold get in trouble too????????
cuteasiandudepdx (6:08:50 PM): do you like wine?
girliegurl1990 (6:09:10 PM): i like kahluas
cuteasiandudepdx (6:09:57 PM): i have mostly wine, a couple of good whiskeys here...
girliegurl1990 (6:10:21 PM): ok
girliegurl1990 (6:10:25 PM): u wanna come over????????
cuteasiandudepdx (6:10:30 PM): i like drink some too after work - it is nice. i like mexico beer too
cuteasiandudepdx (6:10:36 PM): sure
cuteasiandudepdx (6:10:51 PM): your parents will kill me
girliegurl1990 (6:10:57 PM): tehy are not here
cuteasiandudepdx (6:11:39 PM): to your house?
girliegurl1990 (6:11:49 PM): yah
cuteasiandudepdx (6:12:06 PM): what time... do you have friends over? ( How subtle.)
girliegurl1990 (6:12:26 PM): no i am alone
girliegurl1990 (6:12:30 PM): i gotta go tho can i call u?
cuteasiandudepdx (6:13:32 PM): yeah, i am about to leave the work now. you can send me a page at 503-202-1319. i just ordered a new cell from amazon and it is only going to be here thursday
girliegurl1990 (6:13:59 PM): cool what is the number for it so i can call u thursday to
cuteasiandudepdx (6:14:22 PM): i will need to activate it when i get it
girliegurl1990 (6:14:30 PM): cool
girliegurl1990 (6:14:36 PM): what will teh number be????????
cuteasiandudepdx (6:14:37 PM): my older plan with sprint ran out last week
cuteasiandudepdx (6:15:03 PM): i don't have it yet. thursday i will have it when i activate the phone
cuteasiandudepdx (6:15:11 PM): do you have an email so i can email you the number
cuteasiandudepdx (6:15:19 PM): or a number i can reach you
girliegurl1990 (6:15:38 PM): nope sorry
cuteasiandudepdx (6:15:52 PM): at least the package will get here thurday, so by friday i will have the number the latest
cuteasiandudepdx (6:16:27 PM): my email is <b><font color="Blue">cuteasiandude...</b>
cuteasiandudepdx (6:17:01 PM): what time are you planning on tonight? i am going to get out of here in a few minutes
girliegurl1990 (6:17:13 PM): ok gimme your house number i will call u when u get home ok?
cuteasiandudepdx (6:18:33 PM): my gf will kill me!!! are you going to be online for a while? i will be home in about 20 min max
girliegurl1990 (6:18:45 PM): yes i will be here for a while
girliegurl1990 (6:18:45 PM): ok
cuteasiandudepdx (6:19:10 PM): sorry really can't give you the home number since she is staying with me
girliegurl1990 (6:19:15 PM): oh ok
cuteasiandudepdx (6:19:31 PM): ok, i am going to sign off here... talk to you soon!
girliegurl1990 (6:19:37 PM): ok asee u in a bit
girliegurl1990 (6:19:42 PM): hey what do u do for work ne way?
cuteasiandudepdx (6:19:51 PM): i am an engineer
girliegurl1990 (6:20:05 PM): no i mena like what sort of company u work for
cuteasiandudepdx (6:20:12 PM): i work on computer graphic design
girliegurl1990 (6:20:45 PM): oh cool
cuteasiandudepdx (6:20:52 PM): Xavier Edit: They're claiming he does not work there (There you go, follow-uppers… A gift from Capt. Fencepost.)
girliegurl1990 (6:20:59 PM): ok well u will talk to me when u get home right???????
girliegurl1990 (6:21:12 PM): hey what is ur name anyway I am Marquelle
cuteasiandudepdx (6:21:15 PM): ok see you in about 15 minutes!!!
cuteasiandudepdx (6:21:18 PM): I am Adrian
cuteasiandudepdx (6:21:23 PM): nice to meet you
girliegurl1990 (6:21:26 PM): ok bye
girliegurl1990 (6:21:28 PM):
cuteasiandudepdx (6:21:29 PM): bye now
cuteasiandudepdx (6:56:09 PM): hi i am back
cuteasiandudepdx (6:56:53 PM): are you there Marquelle?
girliegurl1990 (6:58:21 PM): hey
girliegurl1990 (6:58:22 PM): whats up
girliegurl1990 (6:58:49 PM): hello
cuteasiandudepdx (6:58:57 PM): just got back in signed on
cuteasiandudepdx (6:59:18 PM): when do your parents come back home?
girliegurl1990 (6:59:19 PM): rite on
girliegurl1990 (6:59:22 PM): so u want to come over?
cuteasiandudepdx (6:59:29 PM): yeah i do
girliegurl1990 (6:59:31 PM): my mom will not be home now till umm wednesday mornin i think
girliegurl1990 (6:59:42 PM): she was not gona leave til tomorow but she had to go now
girliegurl1990 (6:59:45 PM): it is for work
cuteasiandudepdx (7:00:01 PM): i see
cuteasiandudepdx (7:00:09 PM): cool, that is a good chance for you
cuteasiandudepdx (7:00:20 PM): what time would it work for you?
girliegurl1990 (7:00:34 PM): tonite?
girliegurl1990 (7:00:36 PM): how about now?
cuteasiandudepdx (7:00:57 PM): ok
girliegurl1990 (7:00:59 PM): rite on
girliegurl1990 (7:01:08 PM): will u bring me some kahlua plz (I don’t drink, personally, but I have friends who do, so I thought I’d see about getting them a bottle of the finest Adrian has to offer.)
girliegurl1990 (7:01:16 PM): i bet u want to do stuff with me huh
girliegurl1990 (7:01:17 PM): do u?
cuteasiandudepdx (7:01:28 PM): so we will be all cool no troubles ok
cuteasiandudepdx (7:01:35 PM): yes
girliegurl1990 (7:01:44 PM): nope no prob b/c my mom is on teh airplane rite now goin to LA
girliegurl1990 (7:01:46 PM):
girliegurl1990 (7:01:51 PM): what do u want to do wit me
cuteasiandudepdx (7:02:03 PM): i have to go grab some stuff to eat first then i will head ot your place
cuteasiandudepdx (7:02:14 PM): a lot of things we will see what lead us to
girliegurl1990 (7:02:18 PM): hey wait
cuteasiandudepdx (7:02:34 PM): ok

(Continued below)


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girliegurl1990 (7:02:36 PM): will u bring some mcdonalds
girliegurl1990 (7:02:40 PM): for me?
cuteasiandudepdx (7:02:45 PM): sure what do you want?
girliegurl1990 (7:02:47 PM): a number 4
girliegurl1990 (7:02:54 PM):
girliegurl1990 (7:03:01 PM): do u wanna haev sex wit me??????? (Question….)
girliegurl1990 (7:03:09 PM): i am so excited u r comin over
cuteasiandudepdx (7:03:33 PM): do you want me to bring condoms too? (Answer!)
girliegurl1990 (7:03:41 PM): yes i guess u better
girliegurl1990 (7:03:51 PM): wait can u call me still plz?
girliegurl1990 (7:04:07 PM): wait NM u are comin here soon enough
girliegurl1990 (7:04:09 PM): it dont matter
cuteasiandudepdx (7:04:12 PM): sure... i will get the phone and go to another room
cuteasiandudepdx (7:04:22 PM): just pretend normal friends ok?
girliegurl1990 (7:04:29 PM): wait
girliegurl1990 (7:04:39 PM): yah i want to talk to u but no i dont want to give my number out ok
girliegurl1990 (7:04:42 PM): let me call u ok
girliegurl1990 (7:04:57 PM): i am to scared to give my number b/c i cuoild get introuble if my mom finds out
cuteasiandudepdx (7:05:09 PM): i promise i will be ok
girliegurl1990 (7:05:10 PM): i mean **** dude i am not even 14 yet tomorow i will be 14
cuteasiandudepdx (7:05:27 PM): i am afraid that my gf will pick up the phone
girliegurl1990 (7:05:29 PM): NM forget obout the phone i will give u my address ok
girliegurl1990 (7:05:34 PM): u ready
cuteasiandudepdx (7:05:52 PM): ready
girliegurl1990 (7:06:08 PM) (DELETED FOR OBVIOUS REASONS….)
girliegurl1990 (7:06:15 PM): ok?
girliegurl1990 (7:06:22 PM): u can look that up on mapquest
cuteasiandudepdx (7:06:23 PM): let me write down, 1 min ok
girliegurl1990 (7:06:26 PM): u know how rite???????????
cuteasiandudepdx (7:06:33 PM): yeah
girliegurl1990 (7:06:41 PM): ok coolies let me know when u r leavin
girliegurl1990 (7:06:43 PM): where do u live anywa
cuteasiandudepdx (7:06:57 PM): beaverton
girliegurl1990 (7:07:09 PM): k
girliegurl1990 (7:07:18 PM): coolies
cuteasiandudepdx (7:07:35 PM): i will... i just need to make something up for leaving...
girliegurl1990 (7:07:38 PM): ok
girliegurl1990 (7:08:02 PM): just tell me for sure tho when u leaving so i can be ready when u get here and not be in the bathroom putin on makeup lol lol lol
cuteasiandudepdx (7:08:06 PM): things are complicated when you have gf!! ( And they just got a hell of a lot more complicated, Adrian.)
cuteasiandudepdx (7:08:39 PM): i will be leaving in about 30 min.... what else do you want me to bring?
cuteasiandudepdx (7:10:17 PM): do you want something else besides kahlua, mcdonalds and condoms
girliegurl1990 (7:11:31 PM): no thats all (I think that about covers it. )
cuteasiandudepdx (7:11:38 PM): have you had sex before?
girliegurl1990 (7:11:43 PM): yah well kinda
girliegurl1990 (7:11:45 PM): i guess no
cuteasiandudepdx (7:11:52 PM): what do you mean
girliegurl1990 (7:12:00 PM): hmm ok well i will see u in half an hour and tell u then
girliegurl1990 (7:12:17 PM): make sure u have the stuff with u so u will not have to go back to uor car ok???????? ( And so when I look through the peephole, I can be absolutely certain it’s you.)
cuteasiandudepdx (7:12:26 PM): i will be at your place between 8:15 and 8:30 ok?
cuteasiandudepdx (7:12:36 PM): yeah i will
cuteasiandudepdx (7:12:57 PM): do you have another picture of you? do you know what i look like?
girliegurl1990 (7:12:58 PM): yes
girliegurl1990 (7:12:59 PM): bye
girliegurl1990 (7:13:05 PM): i saw your pics yes
girliegurl1990 (7:13:10 PM): see u soon ok??
cuteasiandudepdx (7:13:22 PM): between 8:15 and 8:30 ok?
girliegurl1990 (7:14:00 PM): yes
girliegurl1990 (7:14:05 PM):
girliegurl1990 (7:14:11 PM): gimme a kiss
cuteasiandudepdx (7:14:17 PM):
cuteasiandudepdx (7:29:11 PM): ok baby
girliegurl1990 (7:29:14 PM): Are u levin or what
cuteasiandudepdx (7:29:20 PM): i am going to leave now
girliegurl1990 (7:29:22 PM): ok
girliegurl1990 (7:29:23 PM): bye
girliegurl1990 (7:29:24 PM):
cuteasiandudepdx (7:29:24 PM): see you soon
cuteasiandudepdx (7:29:25 PM): bye

What happened next can only be described as “really, really cool”. Adrian did indeed show up, a few minutes behind schedule. I attribute his tardiness to the fact that he most likely stopped at a couple liquor stores on his way, trying to find one that was open. Then there was the McDonald’s drive thru, and most likely a stop at a store to pick up those itty-bitty "Kimono" brand condoms he wears. Tardy or not, though, he did show up.

I swung the door open, baseball bat in one hand and camera in the other, and snapped off a shot. I greeted him warmly. “Yo, Adrian! What’s up? I guess you’re a little surprised that I’m not a 13 year old girl, aren’t ya?”

He replied, “Oh, I bring you McDonald’s. Here, you want McDonald’s?”

“Yeah, give it here. What else ya got? Nothing? OK, gimme the grub. Thank you.” I eyed him up and down, and asked “Why’d you come here? To **** a little kid?”

“No, no, no, no! I was just going to give her McDonald’s.”

“You were what? Just gonna give her the burger and then leave?”

“Yes, I just give burger and leave”.

“Okay then, leave. Get the **** outta here. And don’t you ever come back, mother****er, I’ve got more people than you’ll EVER have! Go on, get the **** out!”

With that, Adrian departed for destinations known only to himself. Follow-uppers, I’m counting on you here.

A picture says a thousand words, so here… check out the pictures. You’ll love ‘em.

Here’s a picture of Adrian looking very confused and yet strangely polite, standing on my front porch:

Here’s the yummy dinner Adrian was so gracious as to bring directly to my door:

And here’s Big Poppa Fencepost himself, chowing down on some delicious grub. I was on my way to a baseball game, you see.


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Shoulda followed through. Strong opening but when it comes to crunch time he settles for a little intimidation. Ok the guy probably lost his g/f and possibly his job. They can be replaced. Kneecaps on the other hand...