DnB Pearsall - The United Colours of One Nation Revisited [1997 Selection]


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Nov 7, 2008
The United Colours of One Nation was a big One Nation rave at The Island in Ilford, East London in September 1997. I didn't go (I was only 16 at the time) but I did buy the tape pack afterwards and listen to it. And listen to it. And listen to it some more. With fond memories of that tape pack, I thought it would be fun to go through the tracklistings courtesy of the RollDaBeats forum and build my own mix to capture the vibe of the night, featuring at least three tracks from each dj. With the dj's on the night including Andy C, Randall, Kenny Ken, Nicky Blackmarket, Darren Jay, Jumpin Jack Frost, Micky Finn, and Marvellous Cain, obviously there was a lot of good stuff to choose from.

Obviously this set is very heavy on the anthems, but I wanted to provide an authentic taste of what a big 1997 drum n' bass rave would have sounded like. I also wanted something that was guaranteed to put a smile on my face for the coming months. I hope it has the same effect on you!

A blog I wrote to accompany it: http://sonicrampage.org/blog/2020/11/pearsall-presents-the-united-colours-of-one-nation-revisited/

Mixed in Berlin, October 2020
100% Vinyl
(69:57, 160 MB, 320 kbps mp3)


01. Roni Size - Only A Dream [V Recordings]
02. Scorpio - Trouble [V Recordings]
03. Capone - Friday [Hardleaders]
04. Special K - Pressure Roll [Proper Talent]
05. Scorpio - Li Li [V Recordings]
06. Realtime - Desert Storm [Collusion]
07. 187 Lockdown - Gunman (Natural Born Chillers Remix) [eastWest]
08. Prisoners Of Technology - Trick Of Technology [Fresh Kutt]
09. TNT - 2 Degrees [Kartoons]
10. Lion Of Judah - Exodus [Congo Natty]
11. Undercover Agent - Oh Gosh! (Mampi Swift Remix) [Juice]
12. Dillinja - Unexplored Terrain [V Recordings]
13. Red One - Hard Edge [Ram]
14. DJ Die - Special Treat [V Recordings]
15. Roni Size & Reprazent – Heroes (Origin Unknown Remix) [Talkin' Loud]
16. Shimon & Andy C - Climate Control [Ram]
17. Outta Dynamics - Bass Control [Trouble On Vinyl]
18. Concept 2 - No Mistake [Ram]
19. DJ Zinc - Bring the Danger feat. MC GQ [True Playaz]
20. Gang Related & Mask - Dictation [Dope Dragon]
21. Renegade - Dark Soldier Part 2 [Dread]
22. Mampi Swift - The One [Charge]
23. DJ Krust - Cold War [Talkin' Loud]
24. DJ Krust - Warhead [V Recordings]
25. Shimon & Andy C - Night Flight [Ram]
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