Hardcore Pearsall presents Get It 004: Get Euphoric (New Breakbeat Hardcore Mix)


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Nov 7, 2008
hi all,

I've just dropped a fresh mix of new skool breakbeat hardcore (new old skool I guess you could say? That sounds a bit silly though). The goal this time was to select tracks that capture the spirit of '92 while using modern production techniques. It's good fun, and hopefully you will enjoy it!

Blog link: http://sonicrampage.org/blog/2019/0...et-euphoric-new-skool-breakbeat-hardcore-mix/

Mixed in Berlin, February 2019
100% Vinyl
(44:51, 102 MB, 320 kbps MP3)


01. Try Unity - Time To Believe (Rave Radio)
02. Soundbwoy Killah - Tell Me (Warehouse Rave)
03. Manix - Hold Dis (Reinforced)
04. DJ Jedi - Acid Test (Rave Radio)
05. Trigger Happy - Vol. 2 (Side A2) (Trigger Happy)
06. Pete Cannon - Here We Go Again (Kniteforce)
07. Systec - Dreams (Peace on Wax)
08. Boykz & Chapman - Relapse (Enormous Mouse)
09. TenTun - Bass Drum (Rikka Jam)
10. Innercore - Suspense (Peace On Wax)
11. 2 Bad Mice - Gone Too Soon (Sneaker Social Club)
12. DJ Jedi - Utopia (Jedi Recordings)
13. Thumps & Bumps - Hardcore Sound (KHK)
14. Systec - Hardcore Generation (Peace On Wax)
15. Stormski - Come Selector (Stay On Target)
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