[PDX] June 17th - SUB.SUMMIT - MASSIVE with 6BLOCC plus 6 Crews, 2 Sound Systems!!


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Anthem Records, LoDubs, and Reactionary Present:

A unprecedented night in Dubstep, DNB/Jungle, and all Bass Culture!

Unifying Crews of all styles, across all the genres in a night of explosive, bombastic scene solidarity.

Not a Soundclash, but a Soundsystem gathering, with 6 of the top crews of Portland gathered, With a Tag team set for each room.

One room of Dubstep, one room of DNB/Jungle. ALL NIGHT!

6Blocc (LoDubs, Phantom Hertz)

Along with:

Helmed by DJ Harp and Rise+Fall, who each in their own right have carried the torch for all bass music, and always at the chronological crux of each development; from Jungle to DNB, to Grime and 2 Step to the forward movements of now and the future, with DJ Harp as the exponent of turntables, and Rise+Fall representing the Live portion of Specops.


DJ Harp

Abrasion Equation

Perhaps known as the most prominent and hardest working crew representing the breakcore and hardcore sides of the culture of Bass Music, Reactionary has always had a toe in every style, from the Deep Jungle of Shrubbery to the Plunderphonia of Foxdye. Expect a complete revolution through these sounds and more via their mixed media performances on each soundsystem!



Huey Cobra



In all likelihood the longest running largely Dubstep night on the west coast, and without question among those with the most distinctive presence and identity, Various is here carrying the torch of the sound of first Saturdays in Portland, 5 years strong.

Jon AD


Ryan Organ


At the core of Crush DNB, the weekly event which has tirelessly brought the worlds leaders of DNB, Jungle, and Dubstep to Portland every week on Wednesday, The Bloodshot Riddim DJ's have consistently given these heavyweights a run to the top slot with their ferocious sets in all the subgenres. Tonight, they show that in all these, they are the primary reason for the nights longevity.



One of the most internationally prominent digital labels out of the northwest, Phantom Hertz has helped spread the releases of 6Blocc, Dirt Merchant, The Bassist, and many more through the known universe, and have brought forth tunes with bass weight unmatched in most quarters. This low end energy will all be channeled through the bass bins, so be prepared....

Mortal Grey

Dirt Merchant


The Bassist


Perhaps the highest attended of all the Dubstep weeklies in Portland, SYNT always delivers the dirty low end. Expect a proper smashing from the soundmen of SYNT.




Salmon Street Studios
109 SE Salmon St
Portland, OR

18+ Entry
21+ Bar Area


$15 - Door
$10 with canned food item for donation to the Oregon Food Bank.

Free mix cd “6Blocc – Live in Sydney” with $10 pre-sale ticket purchase

Available at Anthem Records - 503-963-9000
and at Crush DNB featuring R.A.W. and Jon AD - 6/15/11
Limited quantity available!!

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Time Slots

Dubstep Room

9:30-10:30: Specops - KidLogic, DJ Harp, Abrasion Equation

10:30-11:30: Bloodshot - Ronin, Realiez, Elementary 11:30-12:30 SYNT - Avery, Kellan

12:30-2:15: 6BLOCC

2:15-3:30: Various - Monkeytek, Ryan Organ, Samizdat

3:30-4:45: Phantom Hertz - The Bassist, Neph, Broke-N, Mortal Grey

4:45- Reactionary - Penpointred, Huey Cobra, Shrubbery

Drum and Bass/Jungle Room

9:30-10:45: Various - Jon AD, Monkeytek, Ryan Organ

10:45-12: Reactionary - Penpointred, Huey Cobra, Shrubbery

12-1: Specops - KidLogic, DJ Harp

1-2:30: Phantom Hertz - Dirt Merchant, Neph, The Bassist, Broke-N

2:30-4: Bloodshot - Ronin, Realiez, Elementary

4- : Affilliates - Sense One, Hara Isis
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