(PCMS034) Fada - Cut By 20


pon the wheels of steel

Fada's Cut by 20 EP is built on sharp funk breaks dominated by the kicks and snares. Subtle growling bass sounds and layers of instruments manipulated into drones sparsely arranged as if improvised make a mostly inharmonic backdrop.

The title track offers only a few moments of harmony focusing on the drum break which is held steady with hi-hats and natural sounding syncopation. Transient Thought ups the intensity with a more mechanical drumming often breaking the flow and using drum change ups and the occasional few notes from a synth.

Brushes strays the most from the other tracks. Drones and dissonance remain, but horns, sustained vocals, tablas, and Indian flute are in the forefront. Layering in the Tighten Up break along with the other percussion makes for the densest moments of sound on the EP.

Vapours has been edited to be even murkier with pitched down effects and a heavy amount of distortion. The drums have been replaced with something more guttural flowing less like Drum and Bass and more like a funky drum solo.


released 04 August 2014

Mastered by Macc.