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    High spec PC system & Mixer for SWAP!

    What i have:
    PC System(black)
    • Asrock K7S8X Motherboard
    • AMD AthlonXP2000+ CPU
    • 768MB DDR RAM
    • 40GB Maxtor HDD
    • Nvidia GeForce2 MX400
    • 48x10x40 CD-RW (black)
    • 52x DVD-ROM (black)
    • Infra-Red Keyboard/Mouse (black)
    • 17" CRT Monitor (beige)
    • Onboard LAN
    • Lifeview Flyvideo Video Capture & TV Tuner card

    ESI Waveterminal 192L audio interface card
    • 3 stereo TRS outs
    • 1 stereo TRS line in
    • 1 TRS mic in +12v
    • 24bit / 192KHz ready!
    • Digital optical out
    • ASIO 2.0 etc

    Yamaha MG12/4 Mixer
    • 4 Mono channels
    • 4 Stereo channels
    • 6 Mic pre's
    • 3-Band EQ on each channel
    • 2 Aux sends (1 switchable pre/post fade)
    • Global phantom power +48v
    • excellent condition

    What i want:
    • A decent spec laptop (pref Dell or Sony)
    • At least 1.5Ghz
    • At least 256mb RAM
    • Must have CD writer
    • with a good USB audio interface (such as Edirol UA25 for example)

    The reason for swap is i'm joining the army and i can't take a bulky PC with me - Note i don't drive so whoever wants it will have to come to Chichester (nr Portsmouth)

    A good deal if anyone wants it!

    email: affliction*at*dnbforum.com for details
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    Dang, nice one on joining the army mang (y)

    Where is my remix! :teeth: