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Discussion in 'Production' started by Dj Si Cosis, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Just wanted to ask the advice from some seasoned pro's.

    I'm really new to trying to produce, using Reason 4 and just messing around with loops and basses, trying to get them to sound the way I want them before even trying to complete a full track. What I'm finding already that after adding a loop, a synth for bass, a synth for subbase, and some EQ's and compressors for each sound I'm fast running out of processor. Scrolling up and down is getting jittery, and trying to make adjustments I'm having to stop the track playing then start it again after every change, not ideal is it. Trying to play one of the demo songs that comes with Reason it tells me my PC is not fast enough to play it :fuckinpc:

    So, I wanna spend about 200 quid on a new processor and motherboard, but, what to buy? For that money I'm not expecting anything amazing, but I just want to build a PC that will run Reason smoothly, and thats about it. Not built a PC for a good few years so I'm a bit out of touch, but what board and processor combo would be the best for music production? I'll chuck the new motherboard in my old tower and buy memory, sound card and other bits down the line when finances allow. Single Core, dual Core, I dunno what would be best. How much memory will I need, Reason says 512Mb is minimum, but I'm guessing it needs a bit more than that really.

    Wanting to buy from here http://www.dabs.com , it's local and pretty cheap, apparently.

    Any help gratefully received
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    Look at 4 gb memory, so choose a motherboard that supports that. Quad core processor will keep you happy, but I'm sure a fast dual core will also suffice. £200 quid for mobo and processor, you should find a combo that suits for that, if not a little bit more.