Pawned The I did this to my m8 when he was asleep thread ....


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And to add to the topic...

This is my mate Jones, passed out on my bird's sofa:

He wasn't happy when he woke up :p


He would not wake up for nothing, door bell went and he shot up
Ignore the kid posing

eta: we did leave him a lil breathing hole at the side


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^^^^^ hahaha That is fuckin quality , dont you find that there is always one in every group of mates that ends up goin to sleep first and gettin tortured every single seshon :andy:

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Have a couple of mates like this. thing is 5 beers and hes trashed.
He will never learn though.

Once we were staying in a ramada hotel, the bar was next to the restaurant and lounge, open plan and that. He ordered a beer, and proceeded to have a piss on the bar in full view of everyone. He didnt even remember. LOL


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thats a poor attempt

we covered my mates face in shit one night when he crashed round ours, woke him up the next morning and bundled him in the car half asleep

had him out in public for a good 20 mins before he noticed!!

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Fuckin hilarious makes me giggle every time
Thing is we could have merked him last night. Was his birthday so had loads of people round mine. He fell asleep about 11 cause we made him drink a half yard of jack daniels. (mixed with a little bit of coke) lol

We were too busy mixing and getting mashed to get him, he just reminds me of the little dude out of dirty sanchez who ALWAYS fell asleep.


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Lol no pic or vid but a funny fucking story..

Had a few mates back to my mashup caravan after our after prom party so as u can imagine we were all ratarsed.. but one of us especially lol..

He passed out on the sofa so we decided to fuck him over lol.. We put about 20 pegs in his long curly hair, we selotaped teabags over his eyes and ears.. we selotaped this boob's shaped cushion i have to has face lol, taped a massive waterbottle into his hand, we taped his legs together, we selotaped a phat knife to his leg and everytime he fidgeted it would give him a lil stab (not deep dw lol) and we decided it would be fucking funny to take his clothes off except his boxers of course, and put them the otherside of the room so he would wake up naked and be like 'wtf?' lol... but as his jeans got undone he decided he needed to throw up outside the door which happened to be the other side of the caravan, so he jumps out, realises his legs are tied together so he jumps to the door, but where his jeans were undone as he has jumped they have come down lmao! so he is jumping around a caravan with his legs tied together with his jeans at his ankles with a mouth full of sick, pegs in his hair, knife stuck to his leg and waterbottle taped to his hand lol!!!! As he got outside he just erupted with a fountain of puke lol!

Slightly harsh i know.. but we were fucked off our tits and was the funniest thing ever lmao!!!!


Me and our mates all managed to knock ourselves out repeatedly with GHB at Waveform Festival last year, so we took advantage of the situation and declared all out war.

This is me and my mate Karenza, who I had previously penned after she passed out...

This is my mate Jamie, I think they were testing just how unconcious he was...

A bit of scribbling.

Then, whatever we could find, became attached or shoved into some part of Jamie, I think he was handcuffed to a saucepan, which was then attached to a van.

And last, but not least, Jen, who tends to pass out quite a lot in extremely uncomfortable places, except this time, she started twitching out... Dodgey GHB.

We all looked like right knob-ends.