Paul Reset - Jan 03 mix - MP3 and RA


Aug 13, 2002
Glasgow, Scotland

Well just uploaded a new mix - its 50 minutes long and full tracklisting is
below. Once again big thanks to the guys at for the space and

For full crisp 192kbps MP3 (70 MB) - hit

And for streaming RA hit
(change to .rm to download)

Tracklisting -

"Devotee" - SKC (DSCI4)
"Blowfish" - Kiko (Nerve)
"Undercurrent" - Stare & Phibbs (Blindside)
"Feynmann" - Ice Minus & Scope (I.M)
"Steel Fingers" - Tango & Ratty (Function)
"Feelz Good" - NJC (L Plates)
"Gangster Boogie" - Futuretech (Technique)
"Big Head" - Drumsound and Simon Bassline Smith (Technique)
"Neurotoxin" - Sinthetix (Shadow Law)
"Be There 4 U" - D Kay & Rawfull (Freak)
"The Plague" - Keaton & Hive (Hardware)
"Signal Trace" - Tech Itch & Kemal (Moving Shadow)

Also me December mammoth 90 minute sesh is still online!
Grab the 126MB MP3 here (192kbps) -

And the streaming RA file here -


"Under the Sun" - Sonic & Silver (Soul:R)
"Can't Stop" - Matrix & Danny J (Metro)
"Lady Bird" - Pentagon (Precision)
"Baby Its You" - Aquasky (Incident)
"Time Out" - Lynx & Flow (Renegade)
"Feel The Music" - The Insiders (Renegade)
"Futureworld" - Sonic (Space)
"Return of Forever (Klute remix)" - High Contrast (BBS)
"3 AM" - MIST & High Contrast (Soul:R)
"Turtle Wax" - Total Science (Hardware)
"Soul Searcher" - Silver (L Plates)
"Danger Chamber" - Universal Project (Hardware)
"Glock" - Universal Project (UP)
"Platinum" - D Kay (Hardware)
"Be There 4 U" - D Kay & Rawfull (Freak)
"My Love" - Digital & Spirit (Phantom Audio)
"Hustle Hustle" - Dagga (Industry)
"Warzone (Skynet rmx)" - Interrogator & Jayco (Sudden Def)
"Disco Bizkit" - Dusk Till Dawn (L Plates)
"Paradiso" - Matrix & Danny J (Metro)

Cheers, Paul

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