Paul Reset - December 02 mix


Aug 13, 2002
Glasgow, Scotland

Well just finished a new mix so thought I'd upload for yer listening

MP3 version is a nice crisp clear 192kbps for the broadband massif and
there's a streaming Real Audio version for the 56k peeps

So check it oot and lemme know what ya think!

Dj Paul Reset - December 2002
92mins....192kbps MP3 - 130MB - streaming lofi Real Audio

MP3 -
Real Audio -
(change to .rm to download)


1) "Under the Sun" - Sonic & Silver (Soul:R)
2) "Can't Stop" - Matrix & Danny J (Metro)
3) "Lady Bird" - Pentagon (Precision)
4) "Baby Its You" - Aquasky (Incident)
5) "Time Out" - Lynx & Flow (Renegade)
6) "Feel The Music" - The Insiders (Renegade)
7) "Futureworld" - Sonic (Space)
8 ) "Return of Forever (Klute remix)" - High Contrast (BBS)
9) "3 AM" - MIST & High Contrast (Soul:R)
10) "Turtle Wax" - Total Science (Hardware)
11) "Soul Searcher" - Silver (L Plates)
12) "Danger Chamber" - Universal Project (Hardware)
13) "Glock" - Universal Project (UP)
14) "Platinum" - D Kay (Hardware)
15) "Be There 4 U" - D Kay & Rawfull (Freak)
16) "My Love" - Digital & Spirit (Phantom Audio)
17) "Hustle Hustle" - Dagga (Industry)
18 ) "Warzone (Skynet rmx)" - Interrogator & Jayco (Sudden Def)
19) "Disco Bizkit" - Dusk Till Dawn (L Plates)
20) "Paradiso" - Matrix & Danny J (Metro)
21) "Soul Good" - A.I (Commercial Suicide)
22) "Dirty Bomb" - Impulse & Submerged (Ohm Resistance)


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Jul 26, 2002
San Francisco, CA
Nice one. Sounded like the needle jumped at about 15:30 or so, but you recovered flawlessly! Props on a super-smooth, rolling mix. Not really a track I don't like on there, though I think the A-side of that Matrix record is way better than the flip - dropped it this weekend with shattering results, as I'm sure you have as well. I still can't get over how much I like that ill.skillz track, though I've heard it before quite a few times. Again, nice one.
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