Paul Blackout Europe tour April 2007


Long gone but not forgotten, we are proud to announce that infamous Mister Paul Blackout himself will terrorize the Drum and Bass scene across Europe once more. For those who don’t want to remember or those who are ignorant: with releases on Killing Sheep, Bloody Fist, Ruff-Teck and of course his own Australian Hardline Rekordingz, he will bring you the –in his own words- most dark and dirty Drum and Bass imaginable.

He will be using Europe as his battleground from the 3rd until the 26th of April, so that doesn’t leave us much time to settle for an agreement. Take this one time opportunity to have this giant playing at your party. He’ll be hiding in his “own dark and dirty down under” in no time again, probably not showing his face for a long time.

Planned assaults:

8th of April: Hardcore Junglism, Gent, BE
13th of April: System Reload, Amsterdam, NL

For bookings in the UK please contact:

For bookings in the Germany please contact DJ G.I.S.:

For other bookings question and info please contact the System Reload crew @: or

The Alf Stewart Stunt Double E.P. (Hardline.Yellow.04)
2001 Secret Research Facility / Launch Pad (RUFF 059)
2003 Bionic / The Future (THR 003)
2003 The Number (FIST 30)
2004 Desolate Ways (EPK 033)
2004 Viva La Revolucion (HLINE13)
2005 The Subtle Arts of Murder & Persuasion Pt. 2 (HLINE16)
2006 Fkn Mtlhds / Legions Of The Dead (ksheepv005)

For further info and good music check the Hardline Rekordingz website at