PATHOS002: Breathe / Ruff Like A Rock

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    PATHOS002 : Vybz Kartell/Dr.Ring Ding - "Breathe (Dub Tao RMX)"/"Ruff Like A Rock (Dub Tao RMX)"

    Jack & Joe Pathos are back from a 3 month vacation from the Fiji Islands ... The war on vinyl still continues and the 'path%gical' motto is still something like : "VINYL IS SEXIER THAN EVER" or "The Medium is the Message" - but we don't care too much & the Pathological story continues with some fresh Reggae/Ragga vibes from the mighty Vybz Kartell and Dr.Ring Ding. Dub Tao (Hard:edged) , the wonder kids from Berlin , got the allowance to do the remixes this time . The VYBZ KARTELL vocals from "Breathe" are fused into a D&B/Reggae groove that only DUB TAO could have made - some irie vocal licks & big dubby bass go perfectly with DUB TAOs tight & subtle beats to create the slick "Breathe" D&B RMX . Flip for a more dancefloor orientated remix of the massive "Ruff Like A Rock" from Dr.Ring Ding - a head nodding, lighter flashing riddim complete it with DUB TAOs bouncy basslines and nice breakdown. So you have the recipe for pure dancefloor greatness ! Supported by those who know - and there's no stopping: watch out for the heavy rolling ZERO TOLERANCE remixes on J.Rawls & Middle Child's "Music Over Madness" - just another BIGGIE !

    peace. stay tuned - stay path%gical ;)

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