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It's like a cheesy current value donkness

Production tight ...

I know nothing rely


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Jan 9, 2014
those horn drones in the intro tho, very nice
drums are sweet, maybe the snare could be a touuuuch brighter? boost 2k to 4k? maybe not now that i keep listening
the drop, that initial "bass" noise, i feel like it could use a volume boost? and the very initial component of the drop feels a bit bare, but i love what it progresses to. overall sick idea

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Jul 31, 2009
I left feedback:

"Mutant Wip" - So loud. The Sub is massive and super aggressive, I like it. The Drums are too minimal for my tastes at times, need more fillwork... they're solid and big sounding for sure though!

"Quarantine Wip" - Wicked Intro. Mmmmmm, the Sub is super narly and disgusting. I love it. 1:30 - oh hell yes, you started playing with the Filter on your Bass, more Filter Automation please, there's not enough. I think the Production is better on this one, it's loud as hell like "Mutant", but I'm not hearing much distorition at high volumes. 2:45 - eeeeeevil Breakdown, reminds me of Aliens or any other scary Sci-Fi flick. Scary tune, I'd play this and terrify the world in the process.
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