Patchie-C June 3 deck mix Including EXCLUSIVE EDITS! 36 tunes, 74 mins.


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New mix of the best releases of the past month or so fits on cd so wack it in you motor or get it in your ipod, ENJOY!

01. Technical Itch - Hellness (intro only) [Tech Itch]
02. Masheen - Distant Echno [Sinuous]
03. Prode - Rule of a Gene [ELP Collective]
04. Masheen - Earth Shock [Sinuous]
05. DK8 - Murder Was the Bass (Metrik rmx) [ELP Collective]
-----Tease---> Masheen & Kano - The Void [DSCI4]
06. Audio - Missing [Subtitles]
-----Tease---> Masheen & Kano - Resin [Sudden Def Ltd]
07. Identity - Breakaway [Sinuous]
08. Lethal & Khanage - Murkage [Off key]
09. The Sect - Tyrant [Position Chrome]
10. Vicious Circle - Welcome to Shanktown [Renegade Hardware]
11. Proket, Sunchase & Cerebral - Salo [M-Atome]
12. Masheen - Essence of Life [DSCI4]
13. Propaganda - Windmill & Keys [Position Chrome]
14. The Sect - Nerve Attack [Off Key]
15. Propaganda - Point of Contact [Off key]
16. The Sect - Axon [Obscene]
17. SPL - Nihil [Lost Soul]
18. Proket - Locomotive [Sinuous]
19. Audio & The Panacea - Designed for War [Freak]
20. SPL - Fist [Habit]
21. Audio - Bad Seed [Freak]
22. SPL & Noah-D - Hard [Lost Soul]
23. Technical Itch - Creepfreak (Feat Jakes MC) [Tech Itch]
24. Vicious Circle - Cerberus [Renegade Hardware]
25. Technical Itch - Ancients (Patchie-C Edit) [Unofficial]
26. Current Value - Tunnel Vision (Donny Rmx) [Barcode]
27. Dylan & Limewax - Cleansed By a Nightmare [Bastard Child]
28. Limewax - Evolution [Obscene]
29. Audio - delusional [Freak]
30. Current Value - Brainwash [Evol Intent]
31. Gein - Simon [Tech Itch]
32. Current Value - Indivisible Force [Obscene]
33. Dom & Klute - Maximus [Dom & Roland Productions]
34. Current Value - Strange Piece (Patchie-C Edit) [Unofficial]
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:rslayer: Cheers mate.. Killer tracks.. Your mixes are always dope.. Still got your last one in my ipod.. Ez.


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wicked mix man, this ones goin straight in my player and not comin out for a good few weeks. keep the grimey flavas comin, i'm lovin it, peace


orate youth!
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kind of reminds me of this rhyme i wrote bout yorkshire puddings kid, so lets big up aunt bessy ,smack the the bitch up in her jessy, then
knock her out with me last can of pepsi


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=( can you put it up again? don't wanna miss this one!