Dec 22, 2001
oh my god someone just sent me new blue single ringtone wat!!!

oh back on subject......played party on saturday nite and it was mad! bout 8 djz all wanting to get on the decks, fighting each other, playing each others records....i managed to get on for bout an hour after bein pushed on, so off my face took the record i actually mixed into off the deck!! hahahaha no one seemed to notice better!....then started playing b2b with this guy playing old skool thats when things got confusing coz i was puttin his records back in my bag and my records seemed to be goin in his end of night my records were everywhere and everyone elses in my bag! phucked didnt know wat i was doin!! Eventually i managed to get all of them back bar one and took them to bed with me at 6.30am leaving guys still playing downstairs.....wat a night!! :D
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Nov 29, 2001
Leamington Spa, UK
Originally posted by lilmissdj
i didnt go home i went to crash on a sofa can u not read mr caution!! didnt get home til 1pm!

Haha, I knew you couldn't resist it

I can read actually. I told you my qualifications last night, remember?.


Top of the class......
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