Paranoia EP

Time Dependant

Jungle Hunter
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Apr 10, 2003
Time Dependant 2007
Does any1 know what the Paranoia EP from Renegade Hardware sounds like? I've heard 'Trails of Sevens' by Pendulum & it's an absoloute killer of a tune :rambo: , but none of the others:

Militia - Paranoia
B Key - Final Conflict
Pendulum - Trail of Sevens
Keaton - Influence
Concord Dawn -Raining Blood
Ink - Ghost Ship


Apr 1, 2003
u can hear streaming clips of all the tunes (except the conc. dawn one) on the site in the dubplates section.
paranoia is probably the best one on there imho, but they're all damn good, and worth a look!!
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