Parallel -> The Yellow Room (Choppy Dancefloor & Atmospherics) [Pinecone Moonshine]


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Parallel :: The Yellow Room

A. Sharpening the Blade
B. Stuck in the Yellow Room
C. My Beautiful Destruction (Part 1)
D. My Beautiful Destruction (Part 2)

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Sharpening the Blade starts out Parallel's Yellow room with a high energy track backed with mellow pads and bright atmospherics colored like the end of summer. The tone starts to turn with Stuck in the Yellow Room. Still atmospheric with broken beats, it begins to become self reflective preparing the listener for My Beautiful Destruction. The distorted noise of Part 1 takes its time to build a path to the heaviest track of the EP. Part 2 uses intricate drum editing with a snarling bassline turning frustration and turmoil into a powerful drum and bass track to fill any club floor or to space out to in headphones. []

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Pinecone Moonshine Exclusive 002
Nic :: Three Related Tracks (and an Outro)

A. Amelia's Guitar
B. Molly's Playing Dumb
C. Mess
D. Mess (2140 Sample Rate Version)

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Three Related Tracks uses guitar samples processed into bowed instruments, ringing melodies, and a slew of industrial like effects. Layered on top are natural sounding drums with plenty of edits and change ups. Amelia's Guitar has heavier industrial tones where Mess is more melodic or symphonic. Molly's Playing Dumb drops the bpm to 150bpm with a rolling amen and a laid back feel. The final track processes and distorts the samples further into an lo-fi ambient excursion.

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