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    SEBA (Secret Operations / Metalheadz / Paradox Music) Stockholm, Sweden

    Swedish producer Seba has been making top quality tunes for a number
    of years, with a string of releases on Good Looking Records and some
    house excursions for Svek under the alias of Sunday Brunch.

    Originating from Ingaro, an island just outside Stockholm, Sebastian
    Ahrenberg started producing in the early 90s. Working with a basic
    home studio, he began by making techno, but soon progressed to a more
    breakbeat-orientated sound, which is know today as drum and bass. Seba
    collaborated with Lotek on the track 'Sonic Winds', which was the
    first of Seba's tunes to be released on Good Looking. The duo made
    another appearance with 'Universal Music', which was included on
    Logical Progression 2. This was followed by a number of singles by
    Seba as a solo artist - by this time he was rapidly gaining a
    reputation as a talented producer, creating tunes such as the rich,
    ethereal 'Valley Of The Moomins'.

    In 1997 Seba started the club Secret Operations. The club went through
    a long range of successful nights down in a cellar called Tuben in
    central Stockholm. In 1999 the club was transformed into a record
    label and released a CD compilation entitled "Case One", and featured
    artisits such as: Alaska, Future Engineers, and Lo-Tek. Due to known
    and unknown circumstances the label disappeared out of sight after the
    SOCD001 release.

    However, the label didn't sease to exist, it was mearly cloaked and
    invisible, simply waiting for the right time to strike again! That
    time has finally come, and the first release on Secret Operations in
    years surfaced in December 2002.

    Releases in 2004:

    Seba feat Robert Manos - make my way home - offshore recordings
    Seba & Lenk feat. Robert Manos - 16 stories - Metalheadz MDZ4
    Seba & Lenk feat Robert Manos - captain freak - secret operations
    Seba feat Robert Manos - steel paradox music
    Seba & Paradox - you didnt see it - paradox music
    Seba - breaks selection - combination records

    Releases in 2005:
    Seba & Paradox feat robert manos - move on - hospital records
    Seba & Paradox - it's not a dream - paradox music
    Seba & Lenk feat robert manos - every man for himself - bassbin compilation
    Seba & Paradox - frost - bassbin
    Seba - shapeshifter - secret operations
    Seba & Paradox - remembrance - secret operations
    Seba & Paradox - planet...stars - freak recordings
    Seba feat Robert Manos - make peace - vibez recordings
    Seba & Paradox feat Robert Manos - last goodbye - paradox music

    PARADOX (Metalheadz / / Secret Operations) London, UK

    Paradox is International music producer and breakbeat icon Dev
    Paradox. His career started back in 1989 when 'Mixrace' was formed
    with partner DJ Trax. The first professional recording by Mixrace was
    in 1990 and was produced by the Plastic Jam (of Labello Blanco).

    After brief relations with Surburban Base and Strictly Underground
    Records the first Mixrace 12" surfaced in 1991 on the early Moving
    Shadow Records Label. Both producers only 17 at the time released the
    early Mixrace Hardcore classic 'Too Bad for Ya/The Future is Before
    Your Eyes' (SHADOW 018).

    Four more releases followed on the Moving Shadow label and in 1995 Dev
    and Trax set up their own Stronghold, Mobhanded and Offset Recordings

    New artist guises surfaced in 1996 in the forms of 'Alaska' and
    'Paradox'. Dev wanted to show his diversity by creating two different
    genre's of Drumfunk with Alaska being the ambient monkier of the two,
    and Paradox exploring the drum patterns of 1970's funk.

    As Trax started to program breakbeat at different tempo's, Paradox's
    sound took off in another direction with a string of releases on
    Renegade Hardware, Certificate 18 and Reinforced Records.

    Eight years on and Dev has now recorded for over an amazing 50 record
    labels including Goldie's Metalheadz, 4-Hero's Reinforced Records, LTJ
    Bukem's Good Looking, London Elektricity's Hospital, Certificate 18,
    Partisan, Dylan's Freak Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Timeless, Total
    Science's CIA, Blame's 720 Degrees, Nexus, Danny Break's Droppin
    Science, Dylan's Freak Recordings, Subject 13's Vibez Recordings,
    Twisted Funk, Toshiba-EMI, Ninebar, Sonica, 2000 Black, Sheebeen,
    Form-3, Holland's Rush Hour Records, New York's Offshore Recordings,
    and Italy's Archive Records.

    Paradox also runs his own 3 records labels Outsider, Esoteric and
    Paradox Music alongside the heavy release schedules for other
    worldwide labels.

    In the studio music collaborations have included artists such as
    Sweden's prolific Seba, Nucleus, EZ Rollers, Flytronix, Subject 13,
    Volcov and legendary Jazz Musicians Bill Laswell, Herbie Hancock,
    rocker Iggy Pop and Funk legends Weather Report.

    Paradox remixing duties include 4-Hero for Talkin Loud/Mercury,
    Yasushi Ide for Warner Brothers, Boom Boom Satelites for Sony/Epic,
    LTJ Bukem and Makoto for Good Looking, Classical Indian legend Shobha
    Gurtu, Justice, IlLogik & Raf, James Hardway, NXS, Blue and DJ Trax
    for Lacerba.

    Paradox was invited to create music for the Arcade game giant Konami
    Entertainment plus exclusive written works for Sony Playstation and
    Japanese Manga Cartoon Company Marine Entertainment/Avex inc.

    Paradox returned to the multi-media market this year and 2005 saw
    Paradox's work placed on the NBA ESPN Playstation2/Xbox Basketball
    game alongside other tracks from Public Enemy and the Roots.

    Dev Paradox has released two albums on major label Sony Music Japan
    throughout his career, and 2004 also saw Dev release not one but TWO
    albums on Vibez Recordings and Reinforced Records respectively.

    Paradox has exclusive endorsement deals with Firetrap Clothing,
    Acupuncture footwear and Bloc Eyewear.

    Dev Paradox is also without doubt a live touring machine outside the
    studio. Paradox has performed over 100 overseas live performances.
    Every month of the year you can catch Paradox's one-man-band live show
    truely worldwide.

    Paradox has visited all corners of the globe and has headlined live
    shows in East, West Coast and mid-west America, Japan, Asia and
    literally all over Europe from London to the outer regions of Russia
    and Iceland.

    Paradox also performed live in the BBC studio's for the BBC's digital
    radio service 1Xtra, a first for a Drum and Bass artist on National UK

    2005 has been Dev's busiest year to date. Apart from re-visiting all
    corners of the globe Paradox has been invited to remix non other than
    Jazz legend HERBIE HANCOCK. A true representation of todays funk
    technicians from the past, the present and the future.

    2006 sees the release of yet another TWO artist album's from mr
    Pandya, plus the constant spray of 12"s and live worldwide tours every
    month of the year.

    Let the Drumfunk roll....
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    With his flawless technique and signature style behind the decks, Nightstalker is a name that has become synonymous with dancefloor mayhem and the future of west coast junglism. Best known as an expert and champion of drum & bass culture worldwide, its no secret that Nightstalkers alter ego as music journalist Chris Muniz has earned him immeasurable recognition and respect.

    Currently the drum & bass editor at URB and monthly contributor to the UKs own legendary Knowledge mag, Nightstalker can also be found representing in mags like Rinse, XLR8R, and ATM on a regular basis. With over seven years as a professional journalist under his belt, Nightstalkers relationship with all the major players ensure that he has steady access to the freshest tunes, VIPs, and remixes long before they're released to the public. Even without the smoking bits in his bag, theres no doubt that Nightstalkers infectious energy and ability to work the crowd have earned him a hardcore following.

    Having played at every major drum & bass arena in Southern California, Nightstalker originally paid his dues in the rave scene, hustling gigs and dropping beats every chance he could with fond memories of legendary L.A. underground venues like the Masterdome, the Shaolin Temple and the Stillwater Hotel. Even more important was the creation of his infamous and now-defunct Thursday night rinse-out Primordial on While it was definitely a space for fresh talent to make a name for themselves, most heads tuned in to catch sets from the all-start cast of VIP players who would often drop by unannounced. Heavy-hitters like Pendulum, Klute, Photek, Panacea, DJ Rap, Pieter K, E-Sassin, John Tejada, and even non-d&b artists like Ron D. Core and Omar Santana would regularly roll through and flex their skills for the internet massive.

    Now in consistent rotation at all the top clubs and parties in the U.S., Nightstalker has rocked crowds alongside the likes of Goldie, Ed Rush & Optical, Tech Itch, Dylan, SS, Dillinja, Lemon D, Roni Size, Marcus Intalex, Trace, Black Sun Empire, Mampi Swift, Friction, Hive, Gridlok, and Juju to name a few. Known for pushing audiences to the breaking point and transforming an average night at the club into a high-energy, mind-bending journey, its obvious that Nightstalker enjoys the music as much if not more than his audience does. Part entertainer, part performer and part shaman, the only way to truly understand the power Nightstalker wields is to experience him live with a crowd of heaving bodies at your side.

    Fresh off his recent 3-date tour of Japan supporting none other than Goldie, Nightstalker can also routinely be found bringing the heat to cities like San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Seattle, and of course, Los Angeles. Eager to take his vibe international with planned appearances in Japan, Germany, Holland, and Russia in the coming year, also be expecting a full-fledged production assault that is sure to further solidify Nightstalker's reputation as one of the hottest new-school artists to emerge in recent memory.