Paradox - 40 Degrees / Sileni - Odd Soul


Jan 3, 2003
Paradox - Odd Soul / Sileni - 4D

Paradox brings some serious drum attack edits on the a-side with a bizare two note bassline which lurks underneath. Even more strange is the vocal sample in the middle which says " I have investigated infinity, it exists!" , I for one would love to know where this came from. Although this is a good tune it could do with some more dynamics between the beats and the rest of the tune although the beats are suitably impeccable. Still worth testing the dancing skills of any dancefloor.

Sileni's debut on vinyl (as far as I'm aware) is as atmospheric as they come. Plenty of chiming synths battle away between the drums which step along in a nice loose groove. Cymbal splashes are the main focus of the first part of the track before there's a loud chime from the synths and a pleasing sub kicks in. The track rolls along nicely until after the breakdown where it becomes a lot more minimalist and the bass mutates into something that Goldie would have been proud of in 96, the bassline swoops in and out of a sea of percussive goodness. Definitely worth a listen for chilled dnb fans and fans of the darkness alike.
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Phokus said:
The Paradox track is Odd Soul, the Sileni track is called 4D


whoops. I wasn't sure which was which either cos I've got the white label and my local always confuse me with their labelling technique. Cheers Phokus.
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