DnB Paracyte - Skydive

Hard getting feedback in here, eh? ^^ Hehe. I enjoyed this song. The lead sound and melody is really nice. But I think that in your arrangement you're missing out an soprano instrument. Now you've got Bass, Tenor (pads) and Alto (the lead and the pads in part B of the chorus). Well yeah, it just feels as somethings missing. Nevertheless, good tune, mate!

Thanks for the feedback,
highly appreciated.
I will work on the tune in the spare time,
might to rethink few ideas.
Thank you !
If I were you I'd get some more variation in the song, content wise. Maybe cut a bit on the lazersynth that comes in on 1:25..
Anyway, there's some stuff going on that I think could be fixed quite easily, and at the same time make your song a lot nicer:
- bring up the drums a bit
- equalize the pads (only cut here and there, to make it less full)
- bring down the lead synth from 1:30+ a bit and then add a subbass to replace this lost sound
- also here and there you could vary with the cymbals, cause after a while they seem really loud and puncturing

Nevermind this all when I say you've made a nice tune :)
There could be a bit of work in the mixing/mastering part, but the concept is cool and I like the vibe!
Something about those dubby keys sounds out of time, the faster notes. Also maybe they would sound good a bit warmer/fuzzier. Sounds really band-passed boxy midrangey.
They were the only things that stood out, I like the rest, cool tune.
HI Guys,

Thanks for all the commects/pointers/tips. I will sit down over the weekend and try to put some of your ideas in to the track.
Really appreciate the feedback.

Yeah man i like this track.
love the bass line. only suggestion would be try cutting elements out from time to time to create more space.
especially the bass line so its not so constant. see what i mean?
over all wicked track man.
The guys above said most of it, so i'm just gonna say that its a nice tune. The melody is very lovely.
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