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    Checkout clips at any of the following of your choice!

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    Bringing the dirty sounds all the way from the UK, newcomer Para unleashes his "Fade To Grey" EP on the Ammo imprint!

    Para is from the North East of the UK, and is inspired by all sorts of styles of music, ranging from Billain, to Boards of Canada. Para is building up steam with some signature sounds and big support, from the likes of AMC, Jacey, Basher, and the Breed12Inches crew!

    With releases incoming on labels suchas Close2Death, Fatality, Proximity Recs, and now this one out on Ammunition, Para is one to keep an ear out for!

    His tune "Fade to Grey" was featured in our 9th Ammo Podcast, and "Immuno" in our most recent 011 as well, so be sure to check those out to hear the tunes in the mix, as well as other tunes incoming on Ammo and other imprints!
    [​IMG]Ammo Podcast 009 - Guest: KUNG - Download Via SoundCloud [​IMG](unlimited)
    [​IMG]Ammo Podcast 011 - Guest: Imprintz & KloĆ© - Download Via SoundCloud [​IMG](unlimited)

    Contact Para @
    - Facebook: Search Para

    As always, bigup for the support! Hope you enjoy :)