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    Just my own place where I can put up my own stuff and any collabs I do.

    First off;

    Running Scared;

    The Mighty Jungle;

    Back when I first had Reason, was really into making my tunes, but sadly my creativity has hit rock bottom recently, but if I could have thoughts on these 2, that would be excellent.

    I lost the Reason files with my last reinstall so I will try my best to recreate them if I can. Just some notes and pointers so I have an idea on where and how to improve.

    One last thing; neither tracks were EQ'd, just straight up plain kicks etc.

    I'm also working on a Dubstep tune with a vocal edit and a VIP with a couple of mates. Will put those up when they're finished.

    All rates and constructive comments/criticism welcome.

    Thanks for lending me your ears.
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