Papa J's Dubwize Selection!


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Big up to da forum massive! This is my first dub mix so go easy on me. I've always been a fan of dub music and I hope that shows in my selection. I've tried to encompass the broad range of styles that you get in the music. For anyone unfamiliar with the genre it's well worth checking this out. For those that know they won't need telling. This music was sonic warfare well before DnB existed!

Hope you lot enjoy it. Any comments or criticisms welcomed as always. Bless. :shades:
Pablo Gad – Oh Jah
Jah Shaka – Repatriation
Jah Shaka feat Willie Williams – Addis Ababa Dub
Papa Levi – A Murderous Dub
Eli Emmanuel – Judgement Dub
Rus D & The Calabash All Stars – Golden Rule Dub
Bd Labs – Freedom Dubs
RSD – Jah Way
Dougie Conscious & Jah Zohar Riddim Section – More Ganja Dub
Vibration Lab – Musical Crown (Dubstep Mix)
Radikal Guru – Dread Commandments
Don Goliath – Hail Up Jahovia
Djunya & Genie – Dubwise
Jing Bong Ting feat Top Cat – Drunken Master
Herbalist aka Numa Crew – Herbalist
Jah Mystic – Stand Up and Dub
Mungos Hi Fi feat Black Warrior – Buffalo Soldier
Dark Angel – My Burdens
Richie Spice – Youts Dem Cold (Seed Organisation Refix)
Vibration Lab – Vibration Creation
Lukeino, J Starr, Kush Arora & Dubsworth - Dub Arrest
Digital Fortress feat Pablo Gad – Digital Hard Times
Dreadzone – Zion Youth



Suffragette City..
VIP Junglist
will give this a whirl dave
i'm definitely unfamiliar with the genre.
It has beats it has charm and above all it has bass. Tons of it. Hope you like it mate it's nothing like the slow stuff it gets stereotyped for.


This mix was just what I needed on my commute to work this morning. Selection was on point.
Big up Grubbers my man states side glad you like your Dub mate!

Pon the download, gonna give this a listen later on.
Yes Seppo glad you made it back mate! Where were you during the big Varg Vickernes debate? Karl needed you he was on his own with that one..

Come one come all! There's even a bit of dubby dubstep in there it's a pretty heavy set even if I do say so myself.

Any takers?
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